Looking for Guidance

I am interesting in pursuing both the Muni and Touring sects of the sport. Up until now i have just been farting around on a 20" Trials Uni. Now my question, i was thinking of getting a 24" Kris Holm’s and a Coker. Could I substitute a Kris Holm’s 29" for both?

you could but it wouldn’t be as fun. Cokers are extremely fun.

Perhaps if you got the new geared KH 29, you would have a decent compromise between the two. But you wouldnt have an all purpose muni or all purpose touring uni.

and it wouldn’t be cheap.

Neither is buying a new KH plus a New Coker.

Well whats stops the KH 29 from being all purpose Muni?

it depends on the difficulty of the terrain of what you are riding

A 29" will limit what type of terrain you can ride (unless you are a freak like MuniAddict). A true 24" muni will allow you to ride some terrain that most people wouldn’t be able to manage on a 29.

Hmmm… well I am a Noob and i dont for see myself riding it to the max of its capabilities anytime soon.

You can’t really substitute a 29 for both, however, it’s a pretty good compromise. It’ll give you a good taste for both aspects, and then before you know it, you’ll also be shopping for a 24 AND a 36 to go with your 29 and 20!

Whilst a 29 is a nice size for either, be aware that the set up would be fairly different (ie smooth road tyre, short cranks and handle bars for touring vs thick chunky tyre, long cranks, a brake and no bars), so you wouldn’t want to be swapping riding style between the two every other day.