Looking for a video

Hi all, next month I will be showing my Nimbus 36" on an exhibition here in Sweden. It would be nice to show visitors videos from Unitours or similar road cycling events. Or from people using their 36er as a commuting vehicle. A feature on distance unicycling would be great! Are there any such videos to download? I am not looking for big wheel muni or tricks, as it will probably not fit the target group.

Anything? Anywhere? … anyone?

I only can agree that it would be great to have some videos of long distance rides on 36" Unis !!! Actually we only have one 36" video which you can find here

Would be great to have more 36" stuff on utv also

I just remembered that the Norwegian Television made a short feature about the riders on NUT (Norwegian Unicycle Tour) in 2003. Has anyone saved it?

Not downloadable but here are some.

And a couple of MuniAddict’s vids

You could probably contact them and get downloadable versions.