Looking for a unicycle teacer for a kid in Somerville

My 10 year old is getting better and better but want to take some lessons on fancy mounts, backwards riding, hopping, etc. Is there anyone in the area interested in doing this? She’s a good kid and excited about this.

Where is Somerville?

I don’t think a 10 year old really needs a teacher. At a young age she will learn quickly, and there are plenty of tutorials on youtube, like this


If you look in the “related videos” column, there are more tutorials, including one for the kick up mount.

That’s what I think anyway

Somerville, Massachusetts.
Re the videos, I think you’re right, but she’s a kid who really likes being taught so I thought I might be able to put a little money in someone’s pocket and give Nell a fun experience.

That was a nice video.

The forums and videos are really helpful especially to those of us in “remote” places but nothing beats meeting up with folks who ride or are learning. I’d keep this thread alive as you never know when someone from your area will be online.

If it were me, I’d be looking for a unicycle club around the area. A formal club or informal meetups. Besides juggling/ clown clubs, there are probably several unicyclists that are members of a bicycle club in your area.

The influence of a club in itself would be great, but you’d also have opportunities to find contacts if you were still interested in hiring someone to coach her.

In case you haven’t done a search, here are some threads you might want to read. Perhaps there is someone you could PM for more information about unicyclists and unicycle meets in your area.

Good luck.

Sorry for the double post. I tried to edit but time went out.
Here is the other thread.

thanks for the good advice – I’m going to follow the links you suggest (and watch the video with Nell).