looking for a truing stand!

well my dad wants to buy a truing stand and doesnt know which kind to get. so any suggetions?

a rim truing stand?
i wish i knew

If your dad likes good tools I’d go for something from Park. I personally have a Minoura Workmate- it ia all right and the chinese ==> English instructions that come in the box are pretty funny but the stand itself is a bit cheesy.

park if its for bicycle wheels. but if your using it for a uni wheel than just use the frame and a zip tye

It’s the Park Tool TS-2 Professional Truing Stand. I just got one, and it’s rock solid. The reason it’s the best is because it dishes automatically, and you can true radially and laterally at the same time. It’s the only one I could find that did all that.

The above link is to Colorado Cyclist, who sells them for like $179, though I got mine on sale for $169. The best part is though, that if you don’t live in Colorado, there’s no sales tax!

if it is for a bike, i have no idea.
for a unicycle use a pencil tape and the frame.

your LBS can help you, and get you a nice Park Tools stand. they’re pretty much the best for what they do. there are some others that are okay too, but park is kinda the standard.

I think it’s ridiculous to spend a lot of money on a truing stand for a unicycle wheel. The Park stand won’t hold a unicycle wheel in a way that will allow you to true it properly.

(And frankly, I don’t think Park tools are very well made anyway).

Just turn the unicycle upside down and eyeball it. Tape a popsicle stick to the fork if you really want to.

Thats it really.

Uni frames are their own truing stands.

I looked into that too, but ordering through my LBS would’ve cost like $250.

Not unless you jerry-rig it like I did… :wink: I take the frame off, and rest the bearings on the truing stand fork, like as if the truing stand was the uni frame. Then, I took an old bike tube ( :slight_smile: ) and used it like a rubber band around the truing stand and over the bearings to hold it on (one for each side). Works great!

That’s a whole 'nother can of worms :stuck_out_tongue: … I think they are great, if a little expensive. Oh, and some of them are a little pointless, like the chain wear guides for bikes (just use a ruler…).

like jerrick said

your uni frame is a truing stand

I like Jagur’s trueing stand.


wow ok weird

well me and my dad decided that we are gonna build a unicycle truing stand. i want it to just slide onto the uni and then from there true it. its that simple were almost done with the prototype.

Its already been made. A unicycle frame.

off topic but could you ride that?

Once you took the frame out of the bottle, add the cranks, pedal, tube, tire, seat post, and saddle, yes. =p