looking for a cheap 20inch

im looking to get a cheap uni that someone dont use any more i have $100 and my zip is (45846) ohio. can anyone help me out? thanks:)

I’ve got a cheap 20". All it needs is a seat post that you can get here: http://www.unicycle.com/unicycle-hardware/seat-posts-and-components/seat-posts-traditional/club-seat-post-8.html
I’ll sell it for $88 (that’s with shipping)
I’ll post pictures if you want.

plz post pic’s thanks



I can also throw on this frame but you would need to get a seat post that I don’t know what its size is (22.0-22.2). Then I can throw on 1 nicer pedal if you wanted and these 125mm cranks but I’d need to borrow a crank puller to pull out a broken nub.

Sorry for the triple post but I’ll sell the unicycle for $83 (that’s with shipping) and all the additions I won’t add anything.

what kind of frames are those. what all can you tell me about the parts. sorry i dont know much about unicycles

I forgot, that chrome Torker frame can’t be put on because it rubs against the tire. Here are the specs:
Seat: Classic unicycle seat w/ F&R scuff guards, black
Post: Doesn’t come but requires a 25.4mm seatpost
Clamp: Alloy, with quick-release, black
Frame: Sun Hi Tensile Steel, Flat Top Crown, TIG-Welded
Rim: Torker Unistar CX-20
Hub: Torker Cotterless
Cranks: Sun 125mm Cotterless Steel Cranks Arms
Pedals: VP
Tire: Cheng Shin C97 Street Bicycle Tire (Wire Bead, 20 x 1.75", Black Wall)
Here are some better pictures:

that blue one looks like a sun. I haven’t seen a blue torker, unless it REALLY old. :sunglasses:

It’s a Sun frame, seat, cranks and pedals with a Torker wheelset.

Oh, okay. Thats what i thought.

Hey, Not sure if your on the hook with the blue sun, nice offer by the way.
But if it’s cool to do so, Can anyone else offer a sugjestion for a used unicycle?