Looking for a better unicycle

I’m interested in a new unicycle that I can ride easier on uneven ground and which is not affected by cambered surfaces. This Qu-Ax 20" Muni was my preffered unicycle when riding on surfaces like the one inside this salt mine: https://youtu.be/H_JuUXjs47c
The biggest problem with this unicycle is that it feels pretty heavy and its 125 mm cranks are too short for my height (185 cm). I also find it difficult for learning some tricks. I want a lighter one, but with a very good hub to support my weight (83 Kg). I’ve damaged the hub of my Indy trials unicycle with 140mm cranks (a lenght that seem to suit me) on my first drop, so I can’t practice drops any more (I don’t want to try this on my 24", 26" or 29" MUnis, before practicing enough on a smaller wheel size).
This is a video with my Indy uni: https://youtu.be/Q2PW3lE0zRU
I also want my new unicycle to have a square frame. The price doesn’t matter.
What would you recommend?
I’ve considered either KH20 (the new black model which is the only model that may still be found) or Mad4One MAD Tecno 19". Another unicycle that looks interesting is the Qu-Ax Muni 19" which has the old yellow hub with 48 holes (instead of 36), but its cranks are too short, its “neck” also looks pretty short and it is not so light (when abusing my unicycles with 36 spokes I have to use my spoke key). Should I choose one of these?

Where / from whom do you want to order? I don’t know how other shops handle it, but all shops i know would change the cranks to any length available if you give them a phone call.

The nearest online store where I can order unicycles from is Unicycle Dot Com Hungary. As I know, they only sell unicycles as they are…
This is the only unicycle with short cranks from my list: https://www.unicikli.hu/en/spd/7501/Qu-Ax-QX-Muni-19-Egykereku
Is it better? Somebody told me that this hub is an old model and it was replaced by better hubs. Somebody else said that this is the best hub you can get.
I may replace the orginal cranks with other ISIS cranks, I guess. I think the cranks from Mad4One are compatible (the shipping cost from URC is not high).

Dude! You’re wearing flip flops!

I’d try to call them. UDC Germany handles it so: You call them, tell them what modification you want. They have a “special item” in their shop with no picture and only the description that you schould only order this one if you are asked to do so. Then they set the price of this special item to the value that fits the product you wish to buy and you can then order it. If your change is price neutral, you just call them, tell what you want, order the regular uni and type your modification in the comment field of your order.

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Flip flops are good when it is hot and you don’t try anything extreme. :slight_smile:

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I would order from UDC Germany, but the shipping cost to Romania is huge. I don’t know why. It’s cheaper to order from UK…

Have you asked UDC HU if they could do something similar? Would probable be the best way.

I’m not exactly sure I understand correctly what exactly you are looking for, but here are a few thoughts:

No trials uni is going to be very good at riding on cambered surfaces. The tires are just not designed for it.

Crank length doesn’t depend on height, more on what exactly you want to do.

What would keep you from getting longer cranks and a nicer frame for your uni, instead of getting a completely new one?

What tricks do you want to learn? I have a suspicion that a different uni will likely not make much difference, it’s usually the rider that is the problem, not the uni (no offense, but that’s the way it is for all of us. )

Out of the unicycles you listed I like the Mad4one the most as the complete package, the KH spirits are terrible for roll tricks if you want to get into those one day, and the frame isn’t that great to stand on… 48 hole qu-ax are bulletproof, but very possibly heavier than what you have already.


Welcome to the forum, bogdan. Thanks for sharing your videos. I think it’s a good idea to try riskier stuff on a smaller wheel. I don’t have any suggestions, but if you’re looking for light and strong, you pay more.

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Not yet. But if I decide in the favor of that Qu-Ax unicycle, then I will ask them.Thank you.

Thank you. I would pay more for something better.

My Qu-Ax Muni is pretty heavy and it’s got a 20" tyre, not 19". It isn’t as good as the 19"x2.5" tyre for tricking.
And the hub of the Indy uni (probably one of the cranks, too) was damaged when I tried to practice drops. I consider replacing its hub and cranks, but for now I prefer a new lighter and better trials unicycle with a square-top frame.

Well, I just want to have a good unicycle for learning new skills. Probably I won’t get too far at my age, but I don’t want to miss the satisfaction that follows learning any new unicycling skill. :slight_smile:
I really want a lighter uni for hopping and jumping, but it also has to be strong enough, so I can practice drops without worrying for damaging the wheel.

I’ve noticed that my Indy trials unicycle with 140 mm cranks deals pretty well with uneven surfaces. When riding the Qu-Ax with shorter cranks I get tired very quickly and have more UPDs. None of them are really good at riding on cambered surfaces but some tyre may be better for that than others.

Thanks. I may try learning roll tricks, but they are not a priority. Standing on the frame is something that I’m pretty interested in. I haven’t noticed a real difference between the KH20 frame and MadOne’s. Would you recommend another brand/ model that I haven’t considered?

I’m all for upgrading what you already have but if you want a different wheel and frame there is no good reason not to get a whole new unicycle.

The unicycles you mentioned would all work just fine. Like others have said the QuAx with the old yellow hub might be a bit heavier than the others but is a very solid unicycle. The hub uses the standard ISIS interface and is compatible with multiple crank choices if you want to change them out for something longer. My personal opinion is that on a wheel that small is that 48 spokes are not necessary, and get in the way of each other when adjusting tension, but may be lower maintenance.

Good luck with your purchase!

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The mad4one frames are really a lot better when it comes to standing on it, especially when you compare to the newer KH unis. The forged crown may be nice from a stability aspect, but it does limit how secure you feel standing on it. The mad4one frame has a square top, which some people that are used to more rounded crowns find they need to get used to, but I really like how secure it is to stand on.

You might want to consider the impact reagents, but as I said, personally I think the mad4one is the best uni. I tend to hit my knee on the fully square designs, and mad4one has some nice features like the super beefy seatpost. Wheelset is pretty strong on all the main brand unis nowadays. Of course, if you land sideways a lot you should take a spoke key to it once in a while.

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Looks like you are riding the Muni Starter in the video - that one weighs 5,2 kgs - which is quite good. If you stick to that wheel-size (19"/20"), please do not expect to much weight advantage (maybe 0,5 kgs).

Especially the tire on that Muni is quite light compared to genuine 19" tyres.

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Wow Bogdan, so many people there and they don’t even look at you riding the unicycle. If I do that here in NL, everybody will look and throw remarks at me.

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Most of them were the same people who I met during previous days inside the same salt mine. They already had satisfied their curiosity about me riding a unicycle, so they had lost their interest. :smiley:


I’ve decided to go for the Qu-Ax. The wheel is prety heavy, but I’m also heavier…
The original Qu-Ax ISIS cranks were replaced with the good old Knoxx-One 140mm cranks (I was surprised that they survived so many years since K1 stopped producing unicycles). I hope that I won’t experience any issues (I know that Knoxx-One hubs were a little bigger than the ISIS standard which means that the Knoxx-One cranks may be larger than the Qu-Ax hub).
I’ve also replaced the original flat saddle with the KH Fusion Freeride seat (not easy to hold the seat with your hands, but very comfortable).
I’ve made a video with the unboxing, assembling and weighing…

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