Looking for a 24" uni for trials

I have a 24" Schwinn and am starting to do more and more trials stuff on it. I want to get a very strong unicycle so I can do all sorts of trials stuff, but I want a 24" so I can ride around town and use it on off road trails and such. I realize a 20" is best for pure trials, but that would seem like such a waste to me, not being able to ride any distance. I know andrew carter does a lot of trials on his custom 24". I can’t really go about getting a custom uni, so I’m looking for suggestions on a 24" I can get from www.unicycle.com


P.S. My spending limit is about $400 or $500

I’ve got a Yuni MUni that is strong and reasonably lightweight. I think Yuni makes the best when it comes to $$ vs quality.
They also make a freestyle model that may fit the bill for you:


dont mess around,get somthing with a splined hub!

for $400 or $500 you could do it easy.


by my unicycle :smiley:

Build this;
26" Nimbus II frame
160mm Profile cranks/hub
Alex DX32 rim, 24x3 Dyno Fireball tire.
DT Swiss 14/15 ga. spokes + nipples
Nice seat, and nice pedals.

24" Trials eat your heart out.

Or possibly the 3G Hoggy-G tire if it becomes available soon.

I was riding with Frank today and I believe the tire is available. If I remember correctly, he saw one in a bike shop down here in Sarasota.

billnye wrote:

Yes, I did see the tires. I stopped in a bike shop while up in Sarasota this week and they had a 3G Chopper with a Hoggy G on the rear and a Sticky G up front. I like the looks of them both. I asked if they had any of the tires for sale but they didn’t. It didn’t make much sense trying to order one as I don’t live there, I’ll try at my local shop back home.
By the way, The Hoggy G, which reads 24 X 3.45 on the sidewall, is a bit of an stretch. It’s narrower than a 24 x 3.0 Fireball!

The Yuni Munis don’t have a splined hub do they? Jagur is right, I should definitely get a splined hub and crankset. I’m thinking about getting the KH 24, but the 3" wide tire seems a little much, considering I’ll mostly be on pavement. Would a Fireball really be necessary for mostly riding around town with some heavy trials and just a little off road? Where can I get a Nimbus frame and DT Swiss spokes? And having never done so, how much work is it to put a wheel on a hub with all the spokes and such?

Thanks for all your comments and suggestions

Nimbus II is the same as the Yuni frames.
DT Swiss spokes can be ordered online from a ton of online bicycle shop retailers, or from your local bike shop. Make sure to use the spoke calculator on the unicycle.uk.com site to get the right length of spokes to match the rim/hub you go with. If you’re interested in getting Profiles, I’m doing a group buy right now and have them available for $250 shipped. I can also ship the spokes that you’ll need as well with the hub for a bit more.