Looking for a 24 Inch MUni UK

I have recently started Unicycling and i would like to start of road unicycling. I am looking for any MUni with a 24 Inch wheel being in the Uk is a must.

Moth, whereabouts do you live? and have you checked www.unicycle.com? :slight_smile:

i’m selling a 24 inch muni hybrid, it’s built as a muni but also suitable for trails and also quite comfortable on the roads, its a bargain too!

SouthEast of England

ah, never mind then! :slight_smile:
take that deal peter has, it’s a good one! :smiley:

if you dont want the other one then this Qu-ax 24" muni
all of this is still available and price is very negotiable

Still wanted 24"" muni

I’m still looking for a 24"" muni. Anyone else got anything to offer?