Looking for 36" tire

I just finished my dream build:

After a few test rides I had to leave it in my car. Of course it had to be a sunny morning and my Nightrider lite burst of the rim. It doesn’t hold pressure anymore…

All new 36" tires seem to be sold out (correct me if I’m wrong). I’m most interested in Nightrider lite or King George ultimate tires but anything would be great.

I live in Finland but paying for shipping is not an issue.



What a beautiful uni :heart_eyes:
Sadly, you’re right: all light 36 tires are currently sold out. I’ve broke my NightRider lite a few days ago and I’m struggling to find a new one. Good luck in your research!
If you can’t find a second-hand tire, you may have to wait until July - new tires should then be in stock.

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There is one available in Australia
(Orange dot generally means 1 available)


Completely off topic, first off that is a beautiful uni but I’m very curious about your choice of a very minimalist bicycle saddle. How is that working for you? I’ve often wondered if going that route would be a viable option.

Good luck on your tire search.

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Thanks for help everyone! I kept googling 36" tires and found KG ultimates here: https://www.einradfuchs.de/

I hope this tire mounts tubeless as easy as Nightrider lite. I have VeeTires T-monster on a carbon rim (without Schlumpf) and that was a pain to get inflated.

I really love bike saddles on unicycles. It separates leg movement from steering. No thigh rub is also great. It recuires a great handle to feel good though. This was the first handle setup that I felt 100% comfortable with:

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I’d be very interested to see how you have attached the handle and bike saddle. Was the handle custom made? (looks like a small unicycle frame…)

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There seems to be stock here as well…


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