Looking for 36" Coker so I can have SPEED

I live in Baton Rouge, La, and I am wanting to get a faster set of wheel! I have read that Coker is a good brand for the big ones, so if anyone has an old one that doesn’t get much use (or a new one that you are willing to part with), I would be interested in doing some business with you.

Incidentally, does anyone have experience with trying to ride with bikes while using a 36"? Can it keep up ok?


I wish I still had my 36, I really miss it. I did a MS bike tour with a bunch of bikes. Huge range of ages and abilities and I finished right around the middle.

For the last 20km I raced this older lady on a road bike. I would catch her and pass her on the ups giving encouragement to her to keep it up and she would pass me on the downs doing likewise. After we passed each-other a dozen or so times we started a bit of friendly trash talk. When is the last time you had a 70 something year old grandma ride past you trash talking :).

She ended up pulling away from me in the last couple kms at the end as it was really nice and flat. We talked after and it was great, she said that I really pushed her to go faster and I said the same to her. we both had a blast and the whole event was fun.

So I was faster than half the people there and about a match for a little old lady on a road bike, but I would not be able to keep up with myself if riding two wheels.

I enter hill climb races and tours in Colorado. I pass lots of bike going up but not down or on the flats. I also finish around the 50% mark for a wicked uphill race (Mt Evans Hill Climb) but on the flatter tours I’m near the back. This summer will be my first on a geared unicycle so i’m hoping to close the gap a bit, (mind the gap, eh).

I rode 100 miles on flat terrain last fall on my 36er in an organized century with over 6,400 bikes. I was able to keep up with many of the bikes for periods of time and even passed some, but most people eventually passed me at some point. For the first 17 miles my average speed was 15 mph. I did need to take longer breaks than the bikers just to give my butt enough rest time.

last spring, I rode in a 50 Km charity bike ride (on a bike) and was passed by a unicyclist on a 36.

Thanks for the info! That gives me a good idea of what it can do.

I tried to ride with a Critical Mass group on Friday on my 24", and about halfway through (~5 mi), the entire pack left me behind. Really frustrating. I hope to be able to ride with them next month and make it all the way through, but I don’t see any way to do so with my current uni. I met a guy on the ride, though, who said he could get me a 29" for <$150. Looking on the net, that looks like a good price;
a) is it a good price?
b) In general, just how fast would a 29" be?