Looking for 29" tyre advice and thoughts (I have read all the old posts)

I’m currently running a WTB Stout 2.3 tyre on my 2007 KH 29 but it now needs replacing so I’m looking for some suggestions.

I’m riding about 25+ miles a week which consists of roughly:
30% single track/bridleways that are often wet and chewed up by horses.
25% sandy, pine needle covered freeride in hilly woods with plenty of tree roots.
30% gravel, stoney cycle tracks.
15% tarmac road.

On the whole I’ve been fairly happy with the Stout. I like it on the rough muddy tracks, it’s ok on the sand but struggles (well I do!) when hitting deep sand in the dips but I have never liked it on the cycle tracks or the road. Probably wrong but I think the offset nobbles on the centre line make it feel odd.
I like wide tyres because of the sand (I even ride on the beach) and I never do big jumps (pathetic I know but I think a 12" dropoff is big!) and am not worried about the energy required to power a heavier tyre.

I’m considering a 2.5 WeirWolf (although I’m struggling to find one in the UK) or something like a Maxxis Ardent 2.25…or just sticking with the Stout.

Any suggestions welcomed.

WTB dissent 2.5 is a new, true downhill 29er tire.
there is a review here.

That Dissent looks pretty good, though I’d want to have one in hand before buying. In my experience, the Stout does not have a stiff enough sidewall for muni unless it’s inflated >20#, which hurts ride quality and makes hopping tough. I think the Navegal has more sidewall strength and seems to ride better at low pressures. WTB had a 29 x 2.6/2.7 DH tire in the works, but didn’t release it due to lack of interest. The Dissent may be their compromise tire.

Anyone have a hands on experience with this tire? Does it have a true DH sidewall, how’s the weight, and most importantly what are the real dimensions bither vertically and across the tread.

Read the reviews: http://www.mtbr.com/cat/tires-and-wheels/Tire/wtb/dissent-2-5/PRD_414925_151crx.aspx

Avoid the race version, get the DH two ply wih heavy casing.


Avoid the race version, get the DH two ply wih heavy casing.[/QUOTE]

…excuse my ignorance, but why? Is the sidewall strengh that important? I think I know what your mean as the ride on the Stout is not ‘nice’ when pumped up to 30 psi.

I’m liking the look of the Dissent’s equal knoblies on the centre line, or do they not make any difference?

My only experience is with the Stout and a Duro 3.0 on my 24" (which I’d put on the 29" if they made one and it fitted!).