Looking for 26" Muni

Hey everyone,

I recently started to ride an old 24" Torker on trails. It’s been a blast, but I think it’s time to upgrade. I’m not sure if I should go with a 26" or 27.5", so I’m open to suggestions. If anyone has something they are willing to part with, please let me know!


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Coming across these unis second hand is like hen’s teeth. Nobody is parting with theirs.

I completely recommend buying a URC/Mad4One 27.5 muni new.
I bought one at the beginning of July. You won’t regret it, I love mine!

You can customise the purchase to suit you.
I recommend 27.5, it’s surprisingly maneuverable and lightweight, you can hop easily, you can roll easily.
I got triple hole cranks and 27.5 x 3" tyre. A supremely versatile uni for onroad and offroad.


I was very lucky with my as-new second hand KH 27.5 for $600 and only an hour’s drive away from home. Came with a handlebar too.

27.5 has definitely taken over from 26 for off road. There is a growing selection of large volume tyres for this size.

They have an outside diameter like a 29 with a 2 inch tyre and roll over things way better with the fat tyre.

Very nice! It’s very rare to be able to pick these up second hand. I reckon if you had to, you could also resell it later and not lose money on it either.

Thanks for the input. I am concerned that a large diameter may be too fast. I have no way of knowing as I’ve only ridden a 24", without a brake. Should I be concerned about that or is the disc brake sufficient in controlling speed?

I’ve never even heard of Mad4One! Would you recommend that over are KH or Nimbus? I can’t hop yet, but I definitely want to be able to. Being able to ride over everything does sound quite appealing though.

Hello crazymonkey! :wink:
It’s a pretty cool brand and they’re popular in Europe as they’re visible - they travel to most big conventions to showcase their stuff. And after years of blue unicycles, or black, it’s nice to see some funky colors!

I recently bought a M41 27.5, and colour was a large part of the decision. My other unicycles are the blue type so good to try something different (and I didn’t like black as the new blue either).

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I reckon compare all the brands (KH, Nimbus, Mad4One, Qu-Ax) and they are all good. If you buy any of these munis it will be a quality uni, but I think the customisation options, colour choice, individualised customer service and price all make the URC/Mad4One a really good choice.

KH is on the pricey side, Nimbus is solid but vanilla and a tad boring, they are what they are (sorry!), Qu-Ax is probably good but I think you have to use their cranks (note: There are few Qu-Ax’ers in Aus which is where I am).

Mad4One’s are individually hand built to your specs and ship worldwide at a very competitive price, and quickly.

Of course, look second hand but mid sized munis are very popular and they are unis that people don’t tend to sell off. I think once you buy a muni, you tend to want to keep it.

For any question please do not hesitate to ask me.
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I have had a terrible time trying to find a use muni. To your point, everyone must love them!

Thank you so much for your input. Looks like I’m going to shop around for a Mad4One and a Nimbus, even if the latter is a bit “vanilla”.

Thanks again!

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I have been watching craigslist and offerup for months around here. Pretty much i only see:
Torker and off-brand 20’s, torker 16’s, torker 5ft giraffes, and really old ones (schwinn mostly.)
Maybe a torker 24 rarely. I have never seen a club, nimbus, kris holm, QuAx anything, and no muni, trials, or touring unis of any brand :frowning:

Where are you located @unsingefou?

@Canapin I’m in Vermont, USA. Not much representation up here! Seems like there is a large contingent in Europe and Australia.

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