looking for 170mm Kooka's? i have some for sale.

For Sale or Trade… Kooka 170’s NIB

i have a set, in the orignal box… never used Kooka 170’s. im thinking of selling.

PM me with serious offers.

they are silver.

(items i could use in trade:)

26" frame, Trials wheel non-splined. trials 19x2.5 tyre and rim,alone or both is ok,bent ok. need trials spokes too. Thomson post 25.4 and 27.2… killer pedals,etc PM me if you got somthing you think i may like blah blah blah.)

I’ve had 3 offers to just buy them out-right…doesnt anyone have something to offer in trade?

im sure there’s a Cokerhead out there that has crap to offer for these.

whatever, $120 in trade or cash wins them, choose your own adventure.


Just out of curiousity, what makes these cranks so special and expensive? I’m going to assume they’re super-strong square taper, right?


Being “Once owned by Jagur” makes them so special, of course! :smiley:

They are also the strongest square taper cranks I know of. They are aluminum, but not particularly light. And being aluminum, the square tapers will wallow out if not kept tight. But, I haven’t seen any bend. Just about any square taper hub would most likely fail first (Drastic Lightfoot not included).