Long wait for Nimbus

Well my other trials/muni broke, with that sent back im left with no uni except my learner 20".
“Ill get a Nimbus 20” Trials" i decide, however to my dismay it appears unicycle.com NZ dont have any in stock and wont until at least AUGUST! The unicycle.com NZ guys (particularly Peter Bier) were really helpful, they tried seeing if other unicycle.com stores had any but no, there are no Nimbus 20" out there!
Yes i know i still have a unicycle, but how can i go at least 2 months with no trials, street or muni Riding? It looks like im in for the long haul, sorry for just complaining about my unicycling woes but feel free to get it all out here too, tell us how long you’ve had to go with no uni. Also what do you all think of the Nimbus 20"?

I once went over 41 years without a Uni. However, once I discovered (thanks to Sofa) the Unicycling world, I haven’t been without one, and now own three!:smiley:

my friend just bought a nimbus trials, but he doesn’t really want it anymore. its supposed to arrive from unicycle.com (usa) tomorrow. He’s gonna send it back. is it too complicated/expensive to try to ship it from him to you? I haven’t asked him yet so this idea is very tentative. Ill ask him tomorrow. its rediculous how all the most popular unis are out of stock so often. (the kh24 is like the best selling muni ever, and it was out of stock for 7 months?) and now the nimbus trials and nimbus muni are out of stock till august. argh.


Thanks very much for the offer, but don’t worry about it. I think, considering where i live (New Zealand) it would be too complicated and very expensive shipping it to me, but thanks anyway.