Long jump uni competition

I feel like I have an ok long jump and I want to enter a competition. when and where will the next one be?

just curious, how far is the record?

Have an online video comp.

Skrobo pawns long jumps. Yeah, make one online this would be a good site for it.

I think Skrobo’s record is 9ft 8in. I could be wrong. He has a video of it.

yep, 9 feet 8 inches… how far can you jump?

i have come up w/ a few ideas on how to do it a little safer with the same method. If you put a lower pallet just before it, and put one at the back of it … it should be a lot safer.

I am using your way to measure. Its a lot more accurate, and easier to measure. You have a take off point, and a landing point. If you go pass the take off point, you roll off the curb, and awkwardly try to jump. If you miss the landing point, well, you dont land on the pallet. Easy to set up, easy to judge, easy to measure. Easy.

Im not sure how many people will beat your record, so maybe this thread should be 70% competition, 30% of “Post your best long jump for fun!”

My best long jumps are like 6ft, and i do it at a 45 degree angle to my object.

mine i like 56". i bet i could do 60"

I can do what looks to be 5.5 feet. I just practice with 2 cracks on my road but I should measure it and use scrobo’s curb to pallet method for a video.

be careful though. if you catch the edge of that pallet wrong you are going down hard, try to find something at least a foot wide and about an inch shorter to put in front of the pallet(leave a gap and its easy to see if you made the gap or missed it.

I would be interrested in participating to that competition if it happens.

At OUI, with the official method of measurement with the two sticks, I did 7’6" (90 in), officially. Just after the competition, I tried for fun 93 inches, and got it.

With your method Skrobo, I did 8’3". I’m pretty sure I could do a bit more with some practice…


thats really good, way above average… i have hit over 10 feet, but never on video :frowning: I was scared to go any farther because of the munchin it factor.

I’m going to make a competition thread … Up stairs, Down stairs, and flat gaps competition.
in rsu or videos though?

EDIT: best I have done with measuring sticks or whatever is 9’ 3"

Yeah no kidding! This is how I measure my gaps (curb to pallet), but if you land on the very edge of the pallet then 1) you will bottom out unless you’re at 10000 PSI and 2) when your rim hits the edge it goes backwards and you go forwards. Doing this, I have easily gone flying 10 feet.

The next one I know of will be at Uninats in Australia but I’m guessing you want something a little closer :slight_smile:

The official world record using the two stick method used at UNICON and various national meets is 2.80m (9ft 2 in). Note that other people may have personal bests better than this, but 2.80m is the best achieved thus far under competition conditions.

Who did that?
last i heard it was 2.7 something something something…

70 psi keeps me from bottoming out on head-on missed gaps. Im 165lbs.

fatty mcfatfat (you know im kiddin…)
you also ride a BMX setup, 40 would keep you off.

Nah I can pinch 40 pretty easily.

oh, sorry, yeah you can… i was thinking about my uberthick tire w/ a 1/8" thick tube that adds about 20 psi to your tire pressure