long jump record


same video

its 9 feet 8 inches
or 2.971m?

edit, i got scrutinized before, so i’ll say it now. The original plan for this section of the fora was to keep the videos searchable and in order. the idea was to post your videos in both rsu and videos. so i still do it.

wow thats pretty far…

and the tape mesure appears where? if you are going to call it the “unofficial world record” then at least show a tape measure
either way, nice hop

i’ll do a bigger one in the next month or so if I keep riding, I’ll show that one all measured out and stuff. It should be around 10 feet. I havn’t really ridden hard at all in 2 weeks or so.

Great jump! When you do the next one, can you film from a bit further back so we can see your run in?

sure thing

I should be a little more flexible next time, I’ll have my truck and not a pallet of buckets of tar to set the camera on.

That’s HUGE!

Yea show the tape measure next time. Maybe another camera angle if you have another camera.



woah, big…

Thats what she said…

Yeah, Thats not the first time I’ve gotten that comment…

are you sure that the best way to do it? (snicker)

I can’t say the same for your mom…

Sweet Jump

Though if you are really wanting to set an unofficial world record you better stick to the IUF measuring standards, i find that 2 sticks is the best method and also on flat, ie. not over a gap

Good work, looking foward to another video


IUF MEASURING STANDARDS are a pain in the but to do by myself(trust me I have done it) if I am going to jump something set up like that then I will do it in front of judges and make it official. This particular setup actually required me to jump 1-2" up as well as far enough to make the gap.

also, to put it simply, why would I bother with anything that requires more effort/time when i can’t make it official anyways?