Long distance unicycling (fundraising)

Hi all :slight_smile:

I’m currently saving up for a trip with my school to South africa but its turned out to be really expensive =| (just under £2k)

I was thinking of some unique ways of raising money for it and i thought it’d be pretty cool to do a long distance unicycle ride…hopefully about 10-15miles :slight_smile:

Considering my unicycle is very basic…and only 20" wheel, is it gonna be possible to do something like this? Or is it worth buying a new unicycle with a bigger wheel?

Secondly, does anyone know any good places (in the Gloucestershire area) that i can unicycle for 10-15 miles? Somewhere without too many busy roads and preferably not through many towns…

Thanks for your time…=)

10-15 miles isn’t much of a distance ride. On a 20 incher it is a long ways, but it doesn’t sound impressive enough to earn money.

I suggest getting a 29er or Coker and doing maybe 30+ miles. I did 33 miles on my 29er a couple of years back with no significant training, so it’s doable, and its a fairly impressive distance.

Be sure to set up an easy to use PayPal donating system, as well. That’ll increase donations just by ease of use.

Nah i wont be getting sponsors over the internet, just friends and family etc…

15 miles is probably about 1 days worth isn’t it? plus this is the first time i’ll have done anything this far.

I did my ride in about 6 hours. That’s an average of only 5.5 mph, and I stopped for rest, eat, and pee breaks every chance I had.

Like I said, this is on a 29er. At the same cadence as my 33 mile ride, it would take about 8.75 hours on a 20 incher.