long bolts

hi iam wondering if any one knows where i can get isis crank bolts that are about 4in long. The guy at the hardware store said that he thinks these bolts are made just for unicycles. thanks

I think you’d be looking for an M14x1, or M12x1 depending on your hub. And it would be 100mm’s long. The problem is that it’s not a common thread pitch. The common pitch is 1.5, and so i think you might have a problem finding these bolts. In my searches I only found M12x1 in bike parts sites for ISIS bottom brackets. If you got the right die you could get a long shank M12/14 bolt, and thread it yourself. Just cut off the existing threads, and start from the begining of the bare shank.

ya that is what iam afraid of, having to make them myself. thanks

I’m curious why you want such a long bolt. Is your uni too light?

no!!! but i have a cool idea that i want to try and having long crank bolts is the only way that seems would work.

If your crank bolts stick out too far you won’t be able to make a full rev. of the cranks without smacking your calf. I don’t know what you want to do, but that’s the first thing that comes to mind.

Making some uber rollos?