Logo Idea: The Load on the Rimz

Here’s a unicycle logo design I’ve been working on. I can’t see me producing it on anything in the near future; but please don’t steal my idea (which I think is “original”).

What do you think of the logo?


But a unicycle only has one rim

He has a point…

Updated version:


looks good

why not Lord of the wheel

That’s pretty good too…

i might buy one…

if you make a t-shirt of this, I will buy it.

Other than sounding slightly pornographic, it’s a good idea.


But there are more than just one unicycle.

I think the parody is more effective if you keep it to RIMZ.
The ‘Z’ being entirely optional, an ‘S’ would do fine.
I’d also prefer it in the original font.

Can’t wait for the third shirt. “The Return Of The Kris.”

Would this be the best?


I just want to point out that you did ask, before I get shouted at for being too nit-picky.

You may want to look at the colour. The original is more gold than it is yellow. You’ve got some nice texture effects in there allready.

Why not “Lord of the Rim”?

I googled it and found out there was already 1,200 results for “The Lord of the Rim” And even more for the “The Lord of the Rims”

That’s why I made “The load on the rims” No one on the internet has used that yet; that I know of. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the input,

Here’s as close to the original colour as I can get:


The Load on the Rims Trilogy:

Book 1, The Fellowship of the Rims
Book 2, The One Tower (picture of giraffe of diverticycle)
Book 3, The Return of the Rims

Prequel for younger riders who do trials: The Hoppit.

I really liked the idea of “The Hoppit” How did you ever think of that!

Is the current design and colour good?