Log in problems

When dealing with another problem on my computer, I needed to delete all my cookies. Now when I log on to the forum, it says, “Thank you for logging on, Mikefule” then a few seconds later it tells me I haven’t logged on!

I have the same problem with the fening forum, which appears to use the same software. I guess it’s a problem with my computer. (I’m writing this from work!) I can still read the forum. Just can’t post or look at my User cp.

All suggestions gratefully received.



i have no answer to your problem but as we are talking about problems i can not seem to trash my treads i am logged in as the name i used to make it but is says i am trying to delete some else’s work?also how do you get the pics under your name i looked at the help it said you did it on your profile(forum)but i could not find it HELP!!!

Re: Log in problems

You need to ensure that cookies are enabled. If you are using IE, they can be found under Extras > internet options.


You’ll get this if you do not have cookie enabled. You should be able to turn them on in the preferences of your web browser. Or, you can go in to the control panel on this site and change the setting to browse the forums without cookies. To do this, click the “user cp” button above, then click the “Edit Options” link. Then change the option titled as “Browse board with cookies?”

Apparent success!

I had assumed it was a cookie acceptance problem (as Rosanne explained to her therapist), I’m on Windows Me, and that doesn’t have a simple enable/disable option. Still, I found a range of possible settings under ‘Privacy’ and have reset it to a level where I not only get cookies, but glasses of warm milk. On the downside, Bill Gates can now adjust my living room lights at will…

Half my computer problems come from using AOL, the other half from upgrading a perfectly good computer a couple of years back.

Thanks for your help, folks.

Re: sorry

I can help you thinuniking it’s easy. Go to user cp on the Unicycling Community Forums site, Click on it. Then Go to Edit Options, click on it, Then Scroll down to “Change Avatar”, Click on it, Then click on “Browse”. To load your Avatar (Picture) Click on the File you are using Say, Thinuniking.doc. Click on your Picture in your Folder name and up she comes. Normally be under the name “My Documents” in your Windows Operating System . Win 95, 98SE, ME. XP or whatever your Operating System Be. Have problems don’t hesitate to call us. Goodluck.


Only half? You can count yourself lucky.