I am so happy that I could finally buy my semcycle xlw with the uprgraded cranks, and gazz tire. It’s not here yet, but arrives wednesday. I was just wonderin if there were any people that unicycled in the aurora, colorado area, I suppose denver would be close enough too. I guess I just want to be able to go muni-ing with some fellow fanatics, instead of always goin by myself!

Today, I was able to hop up onto a sizable rock and ride off of it with my savage. Obviously, this is the complete wrong tool for the job, so it made me anxious more than ever. So if anyone will be in the area soon, or lives here, send me an e-mail, or reply to this, because I’d like to see someone better than me for tips! :wink:



There is a roster of unicyclists. Here is a link to the ones in Colorado. Feel free to add your name to the roster.