Local Progression video (Falls City)

this is a video that was made by Joe Rykowski of Salem to benefit the Blackrock Freeride Association.

the video is called Local Progression and took the whole summer and weeks after to finalize. Joe did a great job on the whole thing…all we had to do was ride :smiley:

(all the music is from local Salem Oregon bands!)

in return for a copy of the dvd, John_childs was kind enough to do the job of editing the MUni parts out and loading them to my gallery. there is a big 45 meg version you need Divx for and a 14.5 meg version that plays through everything else. just make sure you have Divx if you want the bigger one or your browser will just sit there.

this has takin longer to post than i intented. first i wanted to get some footage that wasnt in the movie from Joe and then Gene (DudleyDoRide) went and had himself a good time in Mexico last week so i had to wait for him to get back. to me its kinda funny to watch since the only thing i have left of that Muni is my Arrow Wide Byte tyre and the DK pedals.

it is important to mention that there is alot of stuff up in Falls City thats there now that wasnt during taping. there is more of everything cool, no teeter todder yet for some reason. i think they want me to build it? durring one part of DDR’s ride you will see a biker super imposed over him. what was then a rolling drop to the road is now a jump over the road! So thats what your seeing there.

none of stunts are outlaw builds, the forestry service is working with the BFA like you never see with most Gov like entities.

(Round of applause) for all the fokes that poured there time into this.

the ambulance at the beginning of the crash footage is from the Gorge games (i wasnt there). Sorry to the bikers for clipping then out of the loaded vid here but this is a unicycling forum after all :slight_smile:

oh, at the beginning you will see three muni’s. MuddyCycle didnt want to be in the video but it looks like he got a cameo apperance anyway.

hmm? sould i type more? naw. here is my gallery link.

Local Progression Video 2004 (the MUni parts)

Looks like some great riding, when is the Muni weekend going to be? It looks like as good of a place as any to hold a Muni Militia meet :wink:

Hopefully you’ll build yourself another muni to ride some more this season.

C to the X nuts

well i got the Hunter going now. this summer i’ll see how it is for up there,currently i have no brake and thats gonna hurt.

i would like to have a Oregon muni week-end. getting about 15 muni’s up there would be sweet and Falls city is fun enough for two days. maybe a 3rd day in Bend on the Mckenzie river trail but thats 3 hours away, week-ends are two days anyway.

very nice, makes me wish i had a muni

Great video Jagur. It’s nice to see more muni videos here…there aren’t enough of us muni riders these days. Looks like those 170mm cranks are working out well for you. I still think 160mm would also suit though. :slight_smile:


Great muni video! Very nice riding Jagur and Gene.
The seatpost cam shots were a very cool perspective, even if it did feel a little weird to be looking at the trail from between your legs. :astonished:

Nice work on the steep stuff, and skinnies. Like I said before, how can you not ride there? It does look like a good place to have a brake though.


I apologize for the bad audio in the clips. The DVD copy that Jagur gave me had bad audio. I think the audio got normalized during the DVD copying process which messed up the relative volume levels for the tracks. Jagur assures me that the real DVD has proper audio levels for the music and trail sounds. Don’t let the messed up audio levels in the clips make you think that the original DVD is messed up.

The DVD is distributed under the Creative Commons copyleft license so sharing copies of the DVD is not a problem.

those are my 160’s in the vid. i havent even muni’ed on the 170mm’ed Hunter i own now.

Good to hear. :slight_smile:

Good stuff. Wasn’t there a big thread about Muni vs Freestyle recently. Looks to me like freestyle skills can be used while on the trails.:smiley:

Now that everyone is back from Moab this thread needs a little bump. :slight_smile:

The trails there in Falls City are fun. It’s a good ride down. The trail is a bit steep in a few places, but for the most part it is a great trail for unicycling down. The only thing it’s missing are the scary rooty rocky steep bits that you find on the North Shore that I’m too chicken to ride anyways. :slight_smile:

Here’s some pictures from when I went riding there last year with Jagur. The pics are in my Temp Stuff gallery. Scroll down to the middle of the first page. It had been raining before the ride so the trail was a bit wet and slippery in places (there is some clay in the dirt which gets all slippery when wet).