local paper article

I’ve attached a scan of the Muni article about me in the local paper (‘Sheffield Star’).
I think it turned out ok, I sent them some stuff by e-mail and they’ve kept it pretty factual and there’s not a single mention of clowns!

“He’s also been known to indulge in a spot of flame juggling - but it’s the Muni that really fires him up.”

That’s great! :slight_smile:

Congratulations. I’m still waiting for my article to be published in a British moutnain biking magazine. It should be ready soon.


“He’s also been known to indulge in a spot of flame juggling - but it’s the Muni that really fires him up.”

Only a journalist could have come up with something like that- it’s starting to grow on me, I’m tempted to use it as my signature!

Go for it!

“next you will need to extend the cranks so the thing goes faster up and down steep terrian”

cant agree there.

Nice one Dave! Fame and fortune await :stuck_out_tongue:

The Only way to slow down is to pedal backwards…

…right. Try that one next time.

Nice article, thanks for posting it. And you’re wearing TSG pads! I thought I was the only one…

I got the TSG pads from the local mountain board/power kite shop, they were selling all the BMX stuff at half price.
I like the pads, they’re comfy and have plastic shin insert, but the little ankle circle pads are a pain for muni, they catch on the cranks at inconvenient moments. I always stuff them inside my trainers but they usually work themselves out.

You may be wondering what extreme sport my chunky knee pads were made for- I got them for a fiver at the DIY shop, they’re pensioners garden kneeling pads!

jagur- you’re right, but overall they did quite well considering they knew nothing about unicycling and muni. And there is a sense in which they’re close to the truth, in that a uni with long cranks will get up a hill steeper than a uni whose cranks are too short to make the hill possible.

andrew_carter - I hope you post the mountain unicycle article, it’ll be interesting to see what they make of Muni.

I’ll make sure to post a photo of the article (which will be glossy and in colour!) as soon as it’s done.