Loads Of Vids To Watch

Hi guys, your all pretty good at unicycling compared to me, but i just love to make videos so… here is my channel… and my videos!

Here is my YouTube Channel

I hope you enjoy, have a mess around on my channel if you want :slight_smile:

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Pretty nice!:slight_smile:

“Cliff Riding” was one of the best beginner vids I’ve seen:)

Those rocks on the beach would make great trials riding. I saw lines all the way through expert.

thanks for comments

thanks for all your comments - i have now got a new video up which i shot and edited last night here it is for you to watch

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Good videos! Nicely filmed and edited.

hey man, i was just watching some of your videos the other day. In my opinion, better filmed and edited videos are much more enjoyable than videos with good riding but bad filming and editing. You are very skilled at filming and editing, and its seems that your riding is progressing pretty quickly, so your videos are awesome to watch, even though your riding may not be the best around. Keep it up though man, I love your videos!

thanks :slight_smile: