Lizard Skins vs SixSixOne

Hello everyone! I just ordered my first unicycle today with my Christmas money (Nimbus X Street) and now I am looking for armor.
From what I have gathered in the last 45 minutes searching the forums, I have found “Lizard Skins” and “SixSixOne” to be major brands for armor. More specifically, I am looking at the knee&shin combos for each.

So what I am looking for is a comparison of the SixSixOne 4x4’s and the Lizard Skins Softcell’s by someone who has tried both. (Additional tips still welcome though!)

Points Of Interest:

  • Breathability
  • Protection from pedal bites
  • Protection for falls in general
  • Calf protection
  • Ease of use (time putting on, wearable under jeans, things like that)
  • Durability (how would they hold up to sliding from falls, etc)
  • [anything I haven't thought of ATM]

Also looking at the 661 4x2’s and LS mountain elbow guards, any tips on those are welcome.

I would get the KH Percussion. IMO the best out there.

I had 661 before them and smashed my knee pretty often and the edge of the wall or my uni went straight through the spaces between the plastic at the knee protection from the 4x4.

The protection from the KH is way superior than the 661 and its easier to put on. Only “bad” point: because they are thicker than the 661 they are pretty warm.

After some more external research, I decided I am going to go with 661’s. So sorry about random extra shinguard thread.

there are no places to order KH Percussion here. I tried on the 661 race lite

i didnt like the lack of mobility w/ the knee. are the 4x4 the same? how do they differ from the veggie shin guards for shin protection? i am looking at those 2. i will probably wear skate knee pads.