Lizard skin shin guards review soon.

I’ve got some coming the the next weeks or so, thought I would make a review. I now some other people here use them and just wanted to see what they think about them while I’m at it.

The thing I’m worried about is the heat, neoprene is not exactly breathable. So are they really that bad? I’ve worn some neoprene knee braces and if they are anything like those, they’ll spend there time in the corner this summer.

Also, for the people are going to say you should have got kh, I already have them. I wanted to check out something else to see if I liked that, I also wanted something I can wear under my pants in the winter. kh is pretty much impossible to wear under clothes, unless your a thug and buy clothes 10x to big.

If you want something to put under trousers why dont you get a pair of 661 veggies? theyre more breatheable too, i wear mine to school under my uniform as a bit of extra warmth in the winter, and the protection is ok too.

i tried on the lizard skins shinguards, and really liked them, i decided to get fox ones instead. they look nearly identical, maybe slightly more breathable, and the hard plastic insert is not removable like lizard skins. the fox ones just fit better for me. veggies don’t have hard insert, do they?? i’d miss that :slight_smile:
idk about the lizard skins, but the fox racing ones i have are perforated, and breathe as well or better than anything i’ve ever had. theyre a joy to wear over or under pants.

Hey Bob, got a follow-up on the Lizard Skins?

I’m looking at getting a set of the shin-knee, don’t like the 661 or KH offerings, looking for something a little softer and that won’t move around, mostly concerned about pedal bite and scrapes, don’t do too many big falls.

They have a flexible plastic insert. I find the veggies comfortable and they prtect against bites!

Loving them so far! With the hard shell and soft in it really takes pedal bites alot better than the kh does. They haven’t slipped around on my legs at at unlike the kh which I had to constantly adjust. Being able to change your level of protection is also a really great feature, once you get more confidence your easily able to downgrade so the soft shell or ride without the soft or hard shell, that’s how I like 'um. Pedal bites still hurt that way, but you don’t get cuts and they fit under jeans much more easily that way, something I wasn’t able to do with the kh armor.

I’d say if your just looking for shin protection, well leg, it protects the back fantastically as well, lizards are the way to go. I see them more of a trials pad, since they lack a knee which I like for trials alot, seems more comfortable, but the ones your getting should be awesome for just about anything with the knee.

Overall I like them alot more than my kh’s and wear them alot more often because of that, they are a bit hotter though. You don’t notice when riding to much though, only when you take them off.

Maybe not the ideal pad for something like summer touring due to the heat, but diffidently great for the winter as they easily go under pants and would provide another layer. I would totally recommend them street, trials, muni and xc. I’d prefer something a little more cool without a back for Commuting/ touring myself, but that’s all preference.

I have lizard skins and hate them. I don’t know why but I always get chafing on my right leg, behind my knee from the straps. looking to get something different.

Never tried Lizards so thanks for the info

I have 661 rhythm Shins and elbow. Very light goes under anything and holds well. Basically mesh with foam inserts and doing the job well!

Also have 661 rampage knee shins they are great, but rely on compression and ONE strap to hold. They are completely soft but very good fit and protection. If your after a non ridgid combo ideally get these and sew more straps like the one 4x4’s

For shins i often use my PRYME Shin Guards heres an extract about them…

These guards feature two internal layers of pre-curved shin protection which are removable to customize the level of protection. They also feature a unique ankle protection system which can be trimmed off if not desired.
They also feature a unique ankle protection system which can be trimmed off if not desire.

Its Neoprene build with both a foam and plastic insterts to custom one the other on use both.

661 have Riot shin gaurds too?..