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Ken, you know how it goes with interviews and getting quoted…

In regards to “dorky?” I think of it as more like “extremely extreme,” “insane,” or “for serious speed and adrenaline addicts.”

And yes I do know how it goes with quotes and interviews!

I’m dorky, and I’m damn proud of it!:smiley:

all of those words could (fairly) reliably form part of the definition of ‘dorky’, esp in terms of the quirkiness aspect of the word ‘dorky’

and the journalist needed one word to say all those things and the fact that the rest of the world looks at unicycling as something slightly outside of their frame of reference and comfort zone (hence the repetitive, brainless ‘u’ve lost a wheel’ comments)
the work dorky fits the bill perfectly

by focussing on that one comment, we’re running the risk of losing sight of a very solid, stunningly positive article about a custom unicycle builder
the article just briefly mentioned that dave rides himself
it wasn’t a story about a ‘quirky unicyclist guy’ who tinkers in his basement
it was about a local guy who’s creating a bussiness from making some exceptional unicycles

unicycling coverage has come a long way