live unicycle competiton on web today!!

Theres a message on this website on the news page, its the third one down. It says theirs a unicycle competiton today and you can watch a live cam of it on ( Does anyone know if it works or where it is on that page. Thanks!

That website doesn’t work for me at all.

same for me… :frowning: that’s too bad

Yea I think who ever wrote that made a mistake because I don’t see anything on that website about unicycle. Thats a bummer because that looked pretty cool to watch!

He put a ‘)’ in the link, causing the page to not load. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT. Its says it will be out today, but it isnt yet.

Check out the thread about the Trials event at Killington, VT. I was at this event but the camera guys that were going to do the streaming never showed up. Evil-nick ending up filming some of the finals and I believe they are up on the site now.