Live It Out!

Hope you enjoy! It’s a new video with me and my brother! :slight_smile:

This was great! I loved the 5spin, Krisz5spin, and triple. And you are so good with 900 unispins.

Wow, verry nice video guys!
I like the 540spin of Josef and it was verry clean!
Sej flip was just amazing!

Veeerrryyy impressive riding. Loved the 9, krisz5, and of course the sevenths were just awesome.

The triple and the latebacks down the stairs were nice as well.

Good editing!

So many awesome tricks! I also liked the mix of flatland and street.

Nice, I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing!

Sick! I really liked the intro bit with the 4 screens and the title, and the krisz5, triple, and seventhflips were awesome. I thought for sure that you were going to treytriple off that table though, have you tried? Oh, and I liked Josef’s backflips down things too.

Great riding!:slight_smile:

Thanks everyone :smiley:

I have tried but i keep screwing up :frowning: One of the tables is a little bit higher the the other… that also makes it more difficult! :frowning:

That was just so AWESOME!! The first sejflip was f*cking clean! Also really nice tripple Josef! On this 2 weeks I havent seen you I think you have improved alot :wink:
Can’t wait till we are going to do some riding together in the holidays!!! :smiley:

Thanks for this video!

You’ve actually become my favorite rider to watch Chris! :smiley:

There is something about your style that I just love so much. You spin things soooooo cool looking. I can’t explain it. It’s weird looking, but it’s because it’s weird looking that makes it so pleasing to watch. Does that make any sense? xD Make more videos champ!!

Krisz5spin is amazing!! :open_mouth: I thought krisz3 was hard!! Way to go bro!

-Colby Thomas

Thanks dude :slight_smile: and i guess i does make some kind sense :stuck_out_tongue:

really nice video fellas, love the backflips down stuff. look so cool! congrats on your amazing spin and flip tricks