Little Moab

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Little Moab:

Another popular DH mountain bike destination in the Santa Monica Mountains–much more of a playground (1/2 mile long rock slab) than a “ride.” Almost no high flying or dropping but plently of steep (vertical if you want) rolling on super grippy sandstone.

One thing we barely touched were the long, stone aretes (ridge lines), some barely a tire’s width, with the cliffside dropping away (15-75 feet) on both sides. We rode a few of the fatter (and lower) ones, but the genuine saw blades, with El Capitan drops on both sides–well, we sorta looked at those and shuddered. It was exciting just standing up on those aretes (see image 1244). Maybe later. Maybe not . . .


that’s sweet, that looks like an awsome place to ride! do u live in the moab area? I allways say when i get older iam going to move to moab…the biker/Muni heaven :roll_eyes: :slight_smile:

Could someone PLEASE post directions to this particular muni site??? It would be most helpful to those of us trying to find good LOCAL places to muni. Thanks!:smiley:

Take the Pacific Coast Highway North into Malibu. A mile or two past Pepperdine, take a right on Corral Canyon Road (There’s a 76 station at the entrance of the road). Drive all the way to the end of Corral Canyon, and park in the lot. Little Moab is the trail to the right. The trail is about 1/2 mile long, and the width of a bulldozer. You can’t miss it.

man…looks like a TON of fun. I wish i lived closer; i’d totally be down for stuff like that.


Last night, I had emailed Eyal about the directions so that I could put them up on He responded, but I haven’t had time to post it.

Littler Moab is really just a dinking around practice area with a few spooky higball rock skinnies and some (and short) steep rock slabs.

The real destination in that area is the “Wall of Dume,” a crazy steep footpath that shoots up off PCH just past the Point Dume roadside rock climbing area, directly across PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) from the military shooting range that’s sits on the edge of the sea. There’s a good sized dirt pullout on the mountain side of PCH, and the trail fires up from the back of this parking area. Can’t miss it.

The Wall of Dume is the steepest thing in the area, is only a few feet wide (but well traveled by fit hikers), featuring uber steep, rocky, hairpin sections hedged in by pitiless octillo cactus gardens. Josh took one cacti in the hand this last Sunday and it took needle-nosed pliers to yank out the quills. There’s one section we’ve yet to clean in one go, fearing the speed and face first impalement.

After the boys get back from Moab (blow me down–I gotta work), we’ll go back and get some pics. This is really one for the books. On top of the ridge the wind is strong enough to blow you into the next county.