little kids


so im waiting for my friend who has a meeting on campus, and im waiting outside the campus ice cream shop, where there is a bunch of 3rd and 4th graders sitting around eating ice cream. like, a bus load, literally. so, even though its 95 F (friggen hot!) i decide i will kill time by unicycling (of course) and i thought they would enjoy. and of course, they loved it, so i had like, 50 little kids watching me unicycle back and forth and hop up stairs and down stairs and so on. anyway, i just thought it was pretty cool how pumped they got about it, ive never got so many high fives and compliments in my life. of course, they all thought i was from the circus though :roll_eyes:

anyway. i hope i inspired some of them to get into it. just a cool story i thought. at least someone really appreciates how amazing it is.

yeah i was at noodles co. and there was a fountain with in front that i jumped off a few times and did some other stuff and there was probably a bday party or somethin cuz there were about 15 little kids that ran outside and stood there clapping and then the mom/supervisor came out and congratulated me and it was pretty cool well, have a great day every one im going outside to play pickle

yea, that heppens to me a lot to. It gets anyone after a while because everyone always says, look a clown :astonished: omg wou should be in the circus :astonished: omg!


we rode around skate parks yesterday and all these skateboaders clapped us on… not exactly little kids, and they all saw me break my wrist lol

At a skatepark I rode around and some little kid asked me some questions over mij unicycle and the price when I said 469€ he said"That can’t be me bike didn’t cost that mutch" and he got mad don’t know why but he.
And later than evening (that kid was gone) I was practising to grind the ledge of a funbox with many,many UPD’s :smiley: and when I finaly landed it the skaters started to clapp and saying :“NICE” and “COOL”
Felt great :sunglasses:

Yeah I was at the beach a while back and there was a feild trip, I was clearing stairs and doing some flatland(unispins, spins, crank-flips, ww all that jazz) and they were just going MAD… Allthough kinda wierd that later that day someoen sais to me, is that a Sumit frame…(it was a torker frame) but it turned out ot be one of Zack Baldwins old friends taht he rode with, he had no Idea that ZAck had gotten so good. BUt it was wierd to hand my uni to a stranger and see ihm ride it…

kid’s are very easy to amuse.
But then again, they get to ya after the screaming and yelling for 3 hours.