Limits on posts to

In a previous post, it was noted that file attachments to posts to are not permitted. To help enforce this limit posts
exceeding 64KB have been rejected and will continue to be rejected.

There are many reasons for these limits:

  1. (which is a gateway to) is a
    text only newsgroup. Non-text and encoded (base64, uucode, etc.) text are not
    permitted on

  2. Many people have small mail boxes which could become full after a single post
    with a very large attachment (> 1MB) or a few large attachments (> 64KB).

  3. Many people have only a single analog phone connection which can vary greatly
    in line quality resulting in speeds from 9600 bits per second to 53000 bits
    per second (960-5300 bytes per second). Downloading a single 1MB post will
    take more than 1000 seconds (about 17 minutes!) at 960 bytes per second.

  4. Some people still pay per KB charges for their ISP services or phone charges.

As an alternative to posting attachments you can put them on a web or ftp site
and include the URL in your post to the mailing list/newgroup.

When you post e-mail messages to or, please keep these limits in mind and reasons for them.


Ken Fuchs <>, list owner