Likely selling KH20 2023 wheel assembly (no tire or peddles)

Shipping from Utah, United States

Hi there,

I just purchased a KH20 2023 unicycle. It hasn’t arrived yet. However, I wasn’t aware they had switched to the Q-axle standard. As I do some flatland tricks rolling the heel of my foot on the crank (the new cranks aren’t perfectly rounded) and as there aren’t many Q-axle crank options, especially in the US, I’ll likely revert back to the ISIS standard.

If anybody is interested in purchasing a brand new, unused 19" Kris Holm 2023 Q-axle wheel assembly with rim, spokes, hub and cranks (no tire or peddles), let me know. I’d be happy to arrange shipping to you.

I’m not sure what price to set as I can’t find any prices online, so send me your best offer.

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Just bringing this back up if anybody is interested.

Looking for $255 OBO for the wheel assembly (rim, rim tape, spokes, hub, and 117/137mm Q-Axle Boundary cranks), $25 for the Maxxis 20" Creepy Crawler and $30 for the pedals (completely unused).

Prefer to ship within the US or locally in the state of Utah.

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