Like to try a 36" before buying one

I would like to know if there is anyone in central New Jersey, that is willing to let me try out their 36" before investing the money.
If so,let me know so I can make arrangements to meet you.
Thanks, soon to be a Coker rider.

It’s all about the leap of faith, friend. Invest and ye shall be rewarded.

I have to side with “spokes” on this one. Try before you buy.

The Coker is a big, heavy unicycle and even though it is only a few inches higher than a 29er, I find the Coker to be rather intimidating.

I live in northern NJ, but I’m in the Princeton area every Friday. I have a 36er built by Dave Stockton. It has a purple Hunter frame, Dave Stockton’s “strongest-Coker-wheel-in-the-world”, a KH seat, 140mm cranks, a Cateye cycle computer, and Shinburger pedals (ask harper about these). I have two seatposts, each with a seat attached (for quick switching back and forth). One allows the seat to go quite low (because the post doesn’t have the typical bulge where it meets the bracket). We can also put on 175mm cranks, which take the beastiness out of the Coker (you can try it both ways).

Friday is “farm day” for me. I take 287 South to 202 South into Pennsylvania to stop at Birchwood Farm and Dairy. Then I get on 95 North to 206 North and stop at Cherry Grove Farm. Then I go up 206 into Princeton to stop at Wild Oats. I can run this route backwards if you wanted to meet in the morning, or I can plan to be there later in the day. I can also take “the long way home”… I wouldn’t mind swinging over to Freehold to eat at the Jersey Freeze. Or I could take 195 East to shop at Brave New World. Or I don’t mind doing a little extra driving just to meet up with you.

I don’t know where you are, but if this sounds like it might work, we can work out the details via PM. Or we can talk about it here in this thread – maybe we could turn it into a little get-together for people in the area (Raphael?). It’s up to you.

Another option is to come to the Inner Balance Release Party on Long Island on April 21st. It will be a fun day/evening. And there will be plenty of Cokers there (including mine).

I was the same as you… I wanted to try before I got one. I was travelling the UK and just happened to be nearby headquarters in England and was able to meet with Roger and try his unicycles.

From my first ride I knew I wanted a big wheel and I was totally sold on getting one. I’ve had a Nimbus 36 for a few months now and I love it. I ride in the city/street and I’ve found it to be a very nice ride.