Like Father Like Son

Like Father – Like Son

At last years CMW (2004), Beven(Gerbilfranklin) sold me his old banged up, dented scratched and generally mangled, but operational Onza trials frame for 10 bucks. I had a plan.

I was going to use it as an alternate trials frame for a Profile wheelset that was from a trials uni I bought used.

The frame sat around in the garage getting more banged up and used as a prod by my youngs sons, who knew nothing about what it was, only that it could make a “kang” sound as it was heaved around the garage and landed on the concrete inside or on the driveway. No damage really.

Over time, I took a steel brush to my drill and gradually took most of the paint off on the “outside” surfaces of the frame. I got tired of doing this and left the paint on the inside of the fork legs, but sanded them gently. It used to be black. It wanted another purple frame.

The frame sat some more. Finally at K-Mart, I found some purple spray paint. “Ohhh, Cool”. It will match the Father, a Cush Purple Uber Muni which was powder coated.

I finally, over a year later, got around to spray painting. Looks decent enough from a few feet away – can’t beat a 3 dollar can of spray paint. I dig on the purple shade. Once I start riding it, I know it will chip and get scratched to smithereens, but who cares. The fun was making it and now the fun will be riding it.

Parts include: KH trials (Kovachi built)wheelset with 140mm cranks, old Onza frame, GB4 seatpost, Primo Viking seat post collar, CF seat base, KH Fusion seat cover, Miyata foam, Bridgeman handle, Sun Ringle pedals will be swapped out for JC pedals that are in the mail.


Image of both

Image of “Son”

looks pretty nice. how much does it weigh. is that a luna tire?

too late to edit but on your muni what kind of cranks and hub are on it? is it splined?

Cool, I love the colour.


My first uni was purple! I’m all sentimental now. :o

It was the front half of my tricycle from which my dad used his torch to remove the unecessary rear portion. A seat was inserted where the handlebars once were.

ooohh… how cute that is…:o

Thanks everyone for the comments!:slight_smile:

The trials uni is heavier than I would like. It weighs 13 lbs 8oz or 6.12 kg. But, my skills aren’t good enough to take advantage of a lighter weight uni, yet. And yes, good catch, that’s a Luna tire. I really like the set up. I like the Luna with the 140’s- nice and smooth.

The Muni has a hub built by Scott Bridgeman, who was heavily into the sport a few years ago. He built the frame,1 of only 30, the handle on the trials uni, and the hub. The hub is what he called a modified four taper, not splined. The cranks were mounted with a powerfull press. The hub shaft was designed using material that would bend rather than snap, for personal safety, if over-stressed like on a humungous drop. The cranks are Kooka’s, made by a company that is no longer in business. Scott devised the setup and tested it, but soon after coming out with the hub, the company that made the Kookas went belly up and they are now hard to find. It’s a very lightweight setup. I never have to mess with the cranks at all, and the cranks are really strong, but made out of aluminum. Total Muni weight is 14lbs 1 oz 6. or 6.38 kg. If I took off the complete brake setup and odometer mount, I would lose a whole pound. That puts the Muni weight at an estimated 13 lbs. or 5.9 kg. Nice and very light.

I don’t know how many of the hubs are left. He can be contacted at for pricing and availablity. He had them for sale on his website,, but that site has been down for a while and I don’t know when he will put it up again.

Wow… just… wow! When I saw Bev’s Onza frame last, it looked like it was held together with stickers and duct tape, after it was fed through a meat grinder a few times. That kid can be hard on his equipment.

Great work! It looks like a new uni again! From your list of components it sounds like a super-solid setup. Let us know how it flies! I always suspected Gerble did something to his components to help him achieve those 9+ ft rolling hops over fences and walls and stuff… :slight_smile:

Hahaha, I’m glad that frame went to use Rod. It served me well, and it’s nice to see it will continue serving someone else…

I never really damaged that frame like I did my muyni frame. I scratched it to hell al right, but it never flexed or dented, as far as I could tell. Those are definitely strong frames.

Jason, I put hydrogen int he forklegs, if you must know.

Beven, the frame did have some dents in it, but nothing major. You left your mark!

Jason has seen you ride some amazing lines. I figured that if I bought your frame, that some of your Karma would rub off on my riding. But knowing that there is hydrogen in the legs makes my plan even better. I will be going SIF into the 40s in no time.:slight_smile: