Lightweight ISIS cranks (145 or 150mm)

Hi folks,

I am looking for some lightweight ISIS cranks in 150mm or close to that (140/145mm would be okay too). The objective is to stay as light as possible.

I have parts for trade (click this link) or let me know your price.

Thanks in advance =)

I got koxx 140 reinforsed I would trade.


that would be the kind of cranks I am looking for. Have you made up your mind yet on what in my trade parts list would interest you ?

Just a question: have you tried these cranks on hubs from different brands than K1 (KH, Qu-ax, Nimbus…) ?

For a time, Koxx was making not compatible parts but they changed recently and now can be used anywhere (better be sure that I won’t need also the corresponding hub ^_^).

I have ran them on a KH hub and a koxx hub and a nimbus hub all with out issues.

I have run the Qu-ax lightweight 145mm ones for the last 5 months on my Oracle Hub KH26 and they have been fine, I don’t do much hardcore stuff on that Uni just 1-2 foot natural drops and some slogging up hills and they had been rigid with no sign of flex.

They are also ridiculously cheap!

HI Knoxuni,

that is then the right type of cranks :slight_smile:

I sent you a PM with the link to some parts I have for trade. Let me know if you find something that interest you (or what else you are looking for).

Hi Feisty,

a good friend of mine is riding also Qu-ax 145mm cranks on his Qu-ax Muni 24 and he is heavier than I am :slight_smile:

I was thinking about getting them new, but in the US do not list this size (they only have 125 or 170). And ordering from the UK or France will kill the “ridiculously cheap” factor with shipping price.

Hence this thread for trading :slight_smile:

Turns out I am lucky !

I found brand new Sinz ISIS cranks for just $25 (+ shipping). They are the same used by MountainUni in their disc braking kit.

If you want to check out, the clearance sale is on 135, 140 and 145mm: