LightBicycle 36” Carbon Rim

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The rumours over this project started a little while back and were discussed in this thread:

Recently I got the design for their new rim which is asymmetrical and looks to my eyes more like a mix of the Braus’s narrower design and the Dominator2.

I’ve got the go ahead to share this here, so we can get feedback on the design from those with a more engineering bent.

Naturally there’s also an element of trust needed as the engineers at LB also clearly know how to make rims — but for 36” rims to be a success we would need there to be a clear awareness to test tyres at 60psi and be aware that there are variations between tyres.


For reference, drawings for other rims (those have already been sent to Nancy from LB in December):



So, I’m not a mechanical engineer, but based on the other designs, this ones looks pretty great. Now, I’m eager to see this one in my uni :star_struck:


Here here!

I can’t wait either as it looks so nice especially the asymmetrical part.

Only area I wasn’t so sure on was the thickness of the side areas - think these are 2.6 whereas others as 2.8 ish. But again I’m not an engineer and my gut says this will work well due to being narrower than the Nextie :crossed_fingers:

Sure! My Braus rim is hard to center because of its symmetrical aspect. I had to get it a bit off-center to have my spokes well tightened :frowning:


Nice job. It’s really narrow which would make for a “pointy” tire. Braus riders might have feedback on this.
Interesting they would make an offset rim. I guess it makes sense since even the bikes will have disc brakes in the front and lots of gears in the rear.


I can’t take the credit here as it was @Maxence that first mentioned it on the forums, but it’s been fun sharing my own view with LB when asked for comment - and I’ll be very keen to see how this one comes out of the mould.

I don’t personally know how it’ll change the feel but I can picture enjoying the feeling of a more pizza cutter style ride.

As for the asymmetry - I think symmetrical wheels are rather an oddity when it comes to normal bikes, and even with unicycles the only symmetrical system relies on the KH external braking system via crank mounted rotors.

It’ll certainly help with building a nicely tensioned 100mm hub or make for a killer 125 build where the tensions can be equalled.

I am sure you know all this but putting out here in block anyway.

I have to say with this rim on the cusp of coming to marking I might have imagined I’d have buyer’s remorse over getting my Braus rim - but I don’t. I don’t think this makes the Braus rim obsolete and since riding that wheel it is clear - so clear to me why people have wanted a carbon 36” / G36er. It flies and feels so nice. So no an LB rim isn’t going to have me not using the Braus rim.

I am planning on building a non-geared 125mm alu hub 36” wheel for this initial rim test. Then if this goes super well, sure later on I may shift it or get a second rim to upgrade my Dominator2 rim on my G36er. But that’s for a later (much later) project.

So I am mainly excited due to really “getting it” about a carbon rims on 36ers but not due to disliking my Braus rim.

Waffle over…

Let’s hope we see it out in the wild soon!

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The more I ride narrow rims, the more I like them! IMHO, they tend to turn easier than wide rims. They’re usually a bit lighter, too. So better for accelerations and hill climbing. They also seem to be less sensitive to road camber (to be confirmed, I’m not 100% sure of that fact).
So: that’s really great to have a narrow design! :heart_eyes:

Let me disagree on that point :grin:
I would say that on old or low-end bike, that’s not odd. I mean, when using rim brakes on a front wheel, you don’t need an asymmetrical rim. And a symmetrical rim is probably easier to produce.
The same goes for a single speed rim brake rim, no need for asymmetrical.
But yeah, for a top-end, carbon bike, I don’t see why you’d like a symmetrical rim.

And I’m planning on getting 2: one for my current G36er so I can have an easily well centered wheel and a second one for my freewheel 36er :heart_eyes:


Yeah now I come to think of it, big picture, you’re right.

I was stuck in the mental picture of lots of high end gear / disc wheels where the KH system was always the exception - and even now we see that could be coming to an end.

Does this mean you’re getting rid of your Braus or will that be 3 36ers somewhere in your mono-stable?

(Incidentally my Braus seems pretty much centred and I am happy with the spoke tensions I’ve finally landed in)

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Glad to see we are having a new choice on this niche area. I’ll definitely get one for my Oracle 36, if the new rim holds up well!

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Yes but you’re at a level that most of us “normal” unicycle are not at. :wink:
As an average unicyclist, I like the stability when I’m on top of such a big wheel.

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I’m still not sure. I guess I’ll have a few months to think about it (except if I’m chosen as a tester by LB, which I would be really happy of :grin: ).

Is a narrow rim really less stable? I haven’t felt that. But as you said, I may not be the average rider :sweat_smile:


Here’s hoping you becoming a tester. I wouldn’t mind also :joy: - I mean they might benefit from a mere mortal “normal rider’s” view point!

I have considered the more logical option of making he Braus a non geared wheel using a 32h hub - symmetrical at 100mm with KH spirits for brakes. Then upgrading the 125mm geared wheel to a LB rim.

But this means rebuilding two wheels and new spokes for both, and has the vibe of fixing something that isn’t broken.

But it would be the most logical approach if one (me) wanted a non geared and a geared carbon fibre 36” setups

Would you need new spokes if you’d replace a Braus rim with a LB rim? They look to be as deep. Even though there would be a little offset on the LB rim, the previous spokes may still work :thinking:

The offset makes almost no difference to spoke length. But until you know the rim’s ERD, it’s impossible to know.

I’d prefer an asymmetrical rim, but I’m not sure I’d make the purchase just for that.

I don’t think a difference of a few mm in width really has an impact on wheel stability. The lightness and stiffness of carbon have a much greater impact.
With a heavy rim and tire, you get the impression of being guided by the wheel. For the same speed, the wheel’s inertia is greater, allowing for more forward/backward positioning error.

That said, it’s still a 36" wheel and, with speed, you get a greater stability than with smaller, even heavier wheels.


Has anyone here heard more from LightBicycle on this 36” rim?

I’ve nudged twice in the previous very active email thread I had going with them - but now everything feels very quiet and unresponsive.

Wondering if they’ve hit a production block / aren’t moving forward with this rim. Hope not the case!

I sent a mail to LB a few weeks ago. They were on National Day Vacation:

Hi Maxence,

​Sorry for the late reply. We are on National Day vacation from September 29th ~October 7th.

​We have finished the rim drawing design of 36" rim. And the mold hasn’t started yet. I will check for you when i am back to work on October 11th.

I am out for business recently.

Nancy Yu

But got no news since then :person_shrugging:


So, has anyone bought one?

Oh, I see it’s in the other thread: