Light up unicycle!?

ATTENTION: Photon Light Boards is in need of a unicycle to run some tests on!! Please PM me if you have one available!!!

I have been in contact with Photon Light Boards, introducing the new idea of a light up unicycle. They are greatly interested but need a unicycle to try it on. They would not be applying lights on the outside, but in the frame. I think this would be wonderful if they could soon actually be manufacturing these along with their line of light up skateboards. Again, PM me if you have a unicycle you are willing to donate to this experimental cause. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Where is their location? Because this is a world wide forum! If it’s in Britain then I’d be happy to. But I doubt it will be ^^

You are correct I should have listed where they are located. Their location is Ocean Beach, CA. Here is their site for more info:

Are they going to drill holes in the frames to put lights in it?

Don’t they have $50 to buy a used uni off craigslist? Don’t they know the unicycle world has been waiting for light-up unicycles?

Dude, you have no idea how hard I’m trying to convince them of that! Right now, I’m just waiting to see if I hear back from a few people and then I might just have to suggest that too them. Oh, and yes, they will be drilling holes into the frame. They know how tacky lights are when they’re just like glued to outside. :stuck_out_tongue: Glad to see that there is interest in this project and I insure you that I’m working hard to get some progresss from them on this project… just need a unicycle! :smiley:

Sure, you can borrow my unicycle and drill a bunch of holes in the frame. :roll_eyes:

Sounds cool. Could they show a demo on a piece of tubing as an example? Do they realize your legs cover up most of the frame? If you want to light up a unicycle you really need to get some light into the wheel. Otherwise from the side you will see very little.

I’m in Portland Oregon and can donate a Torker CX 20" that’s almost new…As long as I get it back with lights on it :slight_smile:

I have no doubt they will deck the thing out in lights if possible, it is not limited to just the frame.

I can not guarantee that your unicycle will come back ride-able or with lights on it, do you still wish to risk it? I mean, the opposite could come true. :stuck_out_tongue: They are quite skilled in their handiwork.

It’s some guy with this “company” that wants a free Uni.

Ummm, yeah… I have this company that is going to make a transparent unicycle but I need someone to donate a brand new kh 29 with a geared hub. You’ll get back your unicycle, but it will be invisible. Doh!

Dude… It’s not just some company, it’s Photon Light Boards. Wow, troll! BTW-I never said you would receive your unicycle back, I said you might. Second, I don’t want a new model unicycle, I’m looking for an old Torker CX or worse. Try reading, it might help.

Dude, if it’s a real company, they have enough cash to sport for a uni…

who said anything about a new uni?

why are you trolling here for a free uni? Maybe you should post this in the “I’m looking for free sh*t” forum?

One would think, but their e-mail said otherwise. You have to take into consideration that this is a company that knows skateboards, not unicycles. They probably no nothing about unicycles and the correct brand or price. Also, they probably were thinking I wanted them to use my unicycle.

I was just at their “web site”… I get it now. My apologies if I have offended you in any way.

To late Ant, you have. Besides, due to lack of response and people doubting me (more than just Ant I’m sure), I have decided to just save my holiday money, or any other funds I recieve, and invest in this project alone. Disregard this post, it should be taken down shortly. Will keep others updated on this project as it goes along. Thanks!

This kind of deal is worked out with Motorcycles all the time. Turn over your bike for awhile and get it back with some new feature, a new windshield, saddle bags, exhaust, all kind of stuff.

Of course MC’s can’t be had for $100 dollars or even less used.

Lack of responsiveness? You just put this up today and you got somebody offering a CX.

Yes, however they wanted it back with lights on it and undamaged. I can not guarantee that.

This all sounds a little fishy to me. I visited the site, and the skateboards are definitely cool looking. But those boards look like they were built to include lights in them. To do the same with unicycles would be a very different project because the frame is a structural member. If you make holes, you’re weakening it. Of course a light-up unicycle will be intended for “light” riding, not jumping off of buildings and such. But if you make the holes too small, you don’t get much light. If you make them too big, you risk a frame failure. Plus you have to figure out how to light the wheel as well, which probably means separate batteries. Definitely more complicated than doing same with a skateboard!

So why “borrow” one from someone out in the world; why not just buy a cheap one on eBay or (locally) Craigslist?

Next weekend is the Auburn Lights Parade out here. A very fun nighttime parade with some big hills. I can’t make it this year, but in the past I’ve run three sets of battery-powered Christmas lights, one pinned to each of my sleeves and one on a silly elf hat I wear. Then I buy a bunch of glo-sticks and tape them into my 45" wheel. I tape them parallel to the spokes, so when I’m cruising the lights blend together to make a big disk!

as this thread goes on it just sounds more and more like someone is just looking for a free unicycle. “You might not get it back” I at least would want my destroyed unicycle back… It doesnt make sense.

Aw, ye of little faith. I totally understand how you guys can be fishy of this. But what would I want with a junky old Torker CX? lol If you look back in the previous threads I’ve posted, you’ll find that I’ve sold my original CX and purchased an orange Nimbus MUni. Oh well, if all goes well, I will have picture evidence by the end of December.
I’ll try this again though-

Mmm… official.

I think the best way to do this would be cover the lit frame with a set of lexan tubes. Brush the lexan so it diffuses the light, and you’ll have a glowing unicycle frame.