Light MUNI on a 29" and seat q's

Hey everyone, after constantly researching through this forum and on the internet about a second unicycle, I have decided that I will eventually purchase a Torker AX 29". I am wondering if this will be okay for light/beginner muni trails and possibly urban trial stuff (steps/rails…). Other than that, I think I am pretty sure about everything else.


(P.S. I am not quite sure on a seat, I am thinking just upgrade the stock one myself (tempurpedic foam/air/gel/nice leather), but if anyone has anything to say on that, I would appreciate it! The search function will probably keep me covered.)

Tempurpedic huh?..nice.

The Torker AX 29" is fine for road riding and light MUni, but I wouldn’t expect it to hold up to stairs and rails; it has a square-taper hub that wouldn’t last long if you’re doing drops on it.

haha thanks Unislab, once I get through with it I will write up on it.

Tholub, thanks for the advice. I will remember that.


I’d suggest the nimbus 29" for that and its only a few dollars more. It’ll be much stronger and comes with a better tire stock for that.

Is the numbus 29" that much better? Because I can actually get the Torker for very very cheap because my cousin works at a bikeshop that stocks them.:smiley:

The Nimbus is more or less equivalent to the Torker AX in terms of durability, and it looks like the model doesn’t have a handle, which is a big problem for a distance unicycle.

Hmm…okay, so I guess it’s cool to get a Torker. As previously said, I plan to heavily upgrade the seat.

The AX will be fine then, even with the tire on it, I dont think you are going to be going on things steep enough for you that you will slip out all too easily.

Cool. Thanks very much for the advice. Can’t wait!

Really? The Big Apple is better than the ExiWolf for muni? I’d heard okay things about the ExiWolf. Or is it better for hopping because of the larger air volume?