light duty trials

which would you guys suggest as being better for light trials…the norco Muni or the bedford light duty trials uni? also im about 200lbs. how big of drops could the uni take with my wieght? and yes i kno i should get splined but i just dont have the money for that right now.

I love my norco muni, it does everything I want it to but i do regret not waiting and buying something like a Torker.

a torker?

the unistar DX

if i had the money i would get that one definately but i think im going to go with the bedford light duty

Thats most likely the next best thing for a Canadian. Its pretty much the same thing as the Norco, except its got a better seat post clamp, and better pedals, but I dont think it has the KH seat.

your right it doesnt…but i got good news…im buying an '04 dx from pdc.