Lie or Die 2 - Return of the Honey Badger

Lie or Die 2!!!

Special Thanks: Olaf Schlote, Kris Holm, Marco Vitale, Lauren Smailes, Ananda Wimberger, Emile Mathieu, Spencer Daines, Mike Padial, Jacob Spera!

Enjoy and comment, please :smiley:

Flat out brilliant.

Frriggin Dope!!!

Ahhhh… hi… Woooooooddd! Love it! 14 stair rail, 1080, seatwhip, frontflips, late tripple back, fifthquad, treyflip and double down the 9 stair, flip and backflip in a row out the handrail and the basketball trow were super crazy!!! So awesome! The end was funny too. :stuck_out_tongue:

:smiley: loving it!!!
sick, big tricks, good filming editing and an awesome feeling :roll_eyes:
looks like you have landed the seatwhip?
looks like the cleanest one, done so far :slight_smile: but I want to see, the landing ^^

I just cheked the Kris Holm Sponsorship site. Congrats Kevin, cool you’re in the team! :slight_smile:

This might be the best street video on the planet!! Big up from the first video guys! Every single clips was exciting to watch and you don’t get that very often in 8 minute long video :stuck_out_tongue: Loved the whole thing can’t wait to ride with you all again!!! <3

really nice vid.
enjoyed every clip and the end was awesome to :slight_smile:

I think this might probably be the most awesome street video ever, i was surprised by the seatwhip. Enjoyed every single clip of it

Thanks! :smiley: Thanks everyone for the positive feedback! Me and Colby worked really hard on this video and hopefully there is a Lie or Die 3 in the future :wink:

really liked the video
only, in my opinion, it’s too long, if i were you i would have put in the video only new tricks, or tricks you already did but really really well filmed
if the video was like half the length (between 3-4min) it would have been much more enjoyable for me
i really like the scenes where you were riding togather
i guess you didn’t land that seat whip cause you cut it really early…

keep it up


I agree
Its nice to watch once… But I don’t like to rewatch an 8min vid…
3-5min are more enjoyable to rewatch :stuck_out_tongue:

  • to many tricks to remember xD

I really enjoyed this video! The filming and camera quality were really nice. And of course the tricks were amazing too.

what i was meaning, is that, when i’m gonna watch a video from colby thomas, or christian reach, or guys like that, i’m never surprised, the tricks are awesome and hard and all, but i know that i each vid, it’ll be the same tricks over and over, so then you watch the video one time and that’s all
in advance i knew there would be trey triples trey quads, fifth triples, fifth quads, triple backs etc…

I agree with yeah on that subject. I think its like that for every rider though, once you know what they like to ride then you have an idea of what they will do for tricks. So for me I like gaps and rails with a few tricks, so when you watch one of my videos that will most likely what you will see in them.

I think that is what so hard about making new videos with new tricks, especially when you do the hardest things there are. You either push yourself and go even bigger and you completely change your style. It is a very tough mix between the two I feel.

Colby and Kevin really did a great job for making such a long video I think. There was a good variation of locations filmed at and the filming was very creative and enjoyable to watch. Colby you are starting to get an awesome style with your flips, the double down the nine stood out to me the most. The first time I seen you land that it was awesome! This time you really put some flip on it and caught it like a boss :sunglasses:

Kevin the nine down the trey… well you already know how i feel about that. Also the flip out of the rail and late back out of the bench. Those were sick! Then the late back down the 6 was clean man.

Great video guys! Really wish I could of been there

I definetely get the point from you and Bobbouse. But sometimes I like to watch a long one, some are boring and some are nice. And I think this is a nice one.
And, some of the best street riders in here, you don’t see some of those videos every day. :slight_smile: So I think it’s good to make a longer video. :wink:

Double down the 9 and Trey down the 9 were really nice, also backflip out of 9 set grind and crankflip out were siiiick! I’m proud of you guys, Ligh Orr Digh

Unicycling is not a crime was way to long… haha.

I loved this, I actually thought it was going to be too long at first, but enjoyed it alot.

haha +1 It’s true that this video is long but by th time the clip of Kevin shooting the basketball comes up I never can believe the video is almost over :stuck_out_tongue: It is about 8 minutes long but ever clip is more than worth it! Sometimes I just like to watch a long video once and a while :slight_smile:

may be, but you’re comparing two things that can’t be compared…