LF: 24" uni or 24" wheel

Hello everyone,

I’m looking to build a 24" Isis uni in December or so and was wondering what part people have in there bins and are willing to ship. I currently have a 24" frame and seat and am looking for a either a 24" Isis wheel or a complete 24" if someone has it

I’d also accept a 100mm Isis non disc hub and a 24" double wall rim to practice muni/hopping/idling and to double as a travel uni.

Budget is probably $200-300 Canadian and I’ll be looking to purchase in December or so probably.

I have a new 36 hole steel nimbus ISIS hub i can send you. I borrowed the bearings off of it recently so you will need to get a set of 42 mm bearings but if you pay shipping you can have it.

I bought it a couple of months ago and changed my mind on the wheel build

Sent you a message about it

Meant to PM

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