Level one and climbing...

So today I decided to practice unicycling (and until today, I hadn’t been able to do anything but mount it, I couldn’t get pedaling.) After an hour or so of practice, I could ride it pretty far, and after another hour or two, I could ride it down my block (probably about 100 meters or so.) I can also mount and dismount fairly easily, and I’m pretty happy about all of that.

The issue is that I still have some balance issues. I can stay on the unicycle, but often I’ll start to tip one way and have to steer furiously towards the direction I’m falling. I usually right myself, but it gets really inconvenient, especially when I’m riding on the sidewalk. Is there any way to remedy this, or is it just something that will fix itself with practice?

Sounds as if you’re well on your way. Just keep practicing. It will smooth out soon.

You’re definitely making great progress. Keep up the practice! The natural balance will come in time.

it’ll fix itself