Lets see some Custom Uni/Muni Frame builds

Thanks. All credit to the framebuilder. He spent three days polishing it up. It’s bare stainless steel, not chrome.

Harper, I would love a copy of the drawings for the blue shift, can you PM me please… thanks so much!

@GizmoDuck Beautiful machine.

How does it perform on road camber and the odd bump.

I am thinking of putting a unicycle hub into a 700x23c light racing bike wheel with a Gatorskin tyre.

I find high pressure road bike tyres very good for camber. I had a 700x25c Rubino Pro tyre on there, but moved it over to my road bike and swapped it to a Schwalbe Kojak 700x35.

Both tyres make it feel like you’re gliding, but on rough road chip the bigger volume Kojak soaks up road vibrations better as you would expect.

They’re so light you can use super short cranks and ride all day. Go as short as possible- 75 or 89mm- the leg movements are very fast but small, so uses little energy. If the cranks are too long (eg 100mm+)- it will be a painful ride because there is so little resistance that you’ll be bouncing up and down on your seat, which negates the benefits of an ultralight wheel.

I’d go for at least 700x25c. You won’t notice much weight difference going with 700x23, and it’s good to have extra volume. 700x28 would be better. Once you get bigger you’re limited to heavier touring tyres. The Kojak is one of the lightest I could find at the time.

Some great info there. Thanks GizmoDuck for that comprehensive answer. :smiley:

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I have a Steve Howard, on the left and a Grumpy Al Chopper , on the right. Both are for sale.

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Does a custom saddle count as a custom uni? I just take this PIC for the handle saddle post… but it is a custom saddle (a big deep hole in the middle), an hidden pump in the seatpost (reachable by the hole), an handmade LONG brake lever (I can now brake ib whichever hands position), plus various other mods/addons


Here is my custom uni. Its not finished yet, but it is really fun to ride (and horribel to mount, always need help from my wife).

To show the size: the small is a 36.

Gruss aws


Yowsa, that is a big one!

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Growian 3 is nearly finished. As the discbrake is “inside” the hub, the hub is more narraow at this wheel. Today i made a 30k testride and i am able to mount with the help from a traffic sign or a wall now. So maybe i can learn to freemount.

Gruss aws


That’s very cool. It absolutely dwarfs your 36er. Would you take some video riding it? I’d love to see it in action.

Now that is cool!

Is the opposite flange equal in size to the brake side flange? What is the size of the disk? And the wheel? I’d guess 202mm and 54".

Yes it is a 202mm disc. The wheel is ca. 125cm outside diameter (between 49" and 50"). The opposite flange is eqal in diameter. The flanges are connected with soldered braces.

Here is my custom garage built 32/29er made from the frame of a waiting room chair


Thats proper cool :sunglasses: do they call that up cycling!

Wow, looks so much like a Mad4One, I’m really impressed

Anodized in same green …
A lot of different details … :wink: