Let me Ride!!

Decent stakcs
Decent drops
please comment on youtube if possible.

really liked it man. some ballsy stuff in there. i cringed on the rail stack haha. good job. i liked the scribe song, havnt heard it before.

yet again kevin you make another awesome video… keep it up bro! :slight_smile:

lol thanks
yea looks pretty bad but i saved myself with my hands luckily
yea scribe has so many unknown songs

Unknown songs? Don’t think so, we hear way too much of him over here. Dude I thought you were going to treat us to some more SOAD!!!

O well, that was pretty nice.

yea wellun heard songs for me :stuck_out_tongue:
yea didnt get enough “extreme/decemt” footage for it.
It will be in another vid though :smiley:

u have no shirt on. that made my dick twitch.


Thanks for sacrificing yourself for our entertainment. Some pretty big hits there.

system of a down owns


that was still pretty sick, i almost cried on that gate skinny sacking, oh man

i like your uni, and you have some big pedals


Thanks, there not that big. just snafu’s

Ewww snafus :smiley:

ShinKilling Devices.

yea there insane for shin hits
but have great grip exspecially in the rain

lol 3 stacks ?

hahahaahahahhha you should do more video like this, more bails more bails! I like bails! :smiley:

cool vid, i like bails too lol, just not when its me
that gate must of really hurt

nah i saved myself with my hands but it still looked bad!
thanks for the comments everyone =]

nice. i enjoyed it.

did u have to go to the ER right after that gai lball hit (i woulda cried)

lol nah i svaed myself with my hands
it was close though