"Let Me Ride" Uni and Mt Biking

is there something wrong with the video? or is it my computer doing it

nevermind its my d bag pc

Good song.

Im JD, I just started, Tim has been ridin about 2 yrs I think…hes got a lot better tricks…theyll be on the next vid coming soon…ive also getting some tricks down so thats coming too

Cool vid.

Hate to break it to you, but “unique productions” has already been taken.
Thats justin abbots name I believe. Not that it matters that much.

Jaw dropping drops. ( terry joke ).

Sweet MTB in there too.

Well Dammit…just gonna have to go with Dickenz Productions or something…lol

cool tim works at udc i met him once

Well not anymore…but yeah same tim…we ride almost daily…thats how i got all of my parts…lol bro deals through uncycle.com

Nice vid.:slight_smile: