Let me introduce - unibag! :)

Good day. I woud like to introduce to you - brand new uni bag.
It made of some ripstop material + pocket and srap took from old backpack.
Fits 20" uni with tools and stuff :roll_eyes:
Sewen by my mom (which reduced manufacturing time from month to 2 days).


Unibag gets my vote!

When do you start taking orders? :slight_smile:

You have one talented mum, that is a very well made and neat design bag. Next she will be riding your Uni doing big grinds and 720’s… :astonished:

Sweet! Your mom did an awesome job!

Thanks! I will show her your posts!

She was going to finish it in one evening but then “How can I do something that is not perfect?!” and after two days we got this awesome product :smiley:

Next bag I will do by myself under her supervision :slight_smile: New sewing machine is on order already :sunglasses:

Lets see what I finish with and then talk about orders :smiley:

This is absolutely fantastic! Brilliant quality. I agree that you have one talented mother.

A teeny suggestion for Mark #2. Shoulder straps and some kind of stiff padding so it could be more comfortable on the back.

BTW… A year or two back my son made a few cycle courier bags completely out of duct tape. He went through a few prototypes to get an idea of the proper article. They were/are pretty strong, but easily patched (with more duct tape) if they ever needed repairs.


Thank you very much! Continue showing your posts to her :wink:

This is my prototype and one (left) shoulder strap is for carry it with backpack on. In this case crank is low enough to not disturb. If two straps will be used - yes, hard back protector will be applied.

Now I adding one more srap to the back side of the bag to hold setpost exact on the shoulder strap attach point. It is getting eaven better :sunglasses:

Sweet I would buy

Really nice + cool! :slight_smile: I like the inner pockets and the two handles on each side of the zipper.

Best regards,

Transport bags

I got these bags made for my 36 and 29 so I didn’t have to strip them for traveling. I pack my clothes around them for padding, it works great :slight_smile:

I think I will do the same on my way back.

My next version is going to take 2 road unis in 1 bag with big straps and a wooden base for rolling through airports

Are you using guitar stands to stand them up? Great idea! I have a couple old cheap guitar stands in the garage that I don’t use, I think I’ll see if I can “re-purpose” them.

lol… no, they are just propped against the couch :slight_smile:

lol that’s hilarious.

That bag is great. Congrats to your skilful mother :slight_smile:

It looks totally marketable to me. My advice would be get in touch with a manufacturer pronto, in consultation with them refine the design (don’t forget confidentiality contract), while working out financing options for the new venture. Good luck!

Do you know Mgy pack unicycle bags??

The first bunch of bas was simmilar, the main difference is that with Mgy you dont have to put away the pedals.

The second buch came with two straps to carry like a regular bag, one strap for each shoulder.

Something like this:

more info: Muni bag {Australia}

I would love to see someone producing bags again!! But please go for the two straps option (this way you can climb a mountain with the uni in your back, and then… rock and roll).

About two straps bag - it is good when you have only one bag. But if you already wear backpack and want to carry unicycle one strap is good option. Anyway - two straps is good option.

Question to users :slight_smile: Do you think which option will be better:
1 - pedals must be removed before putting uni in bag (saving lots of space and does not pushing in back)
2 - remove only one pedal (on the side touching back)
3 - pedals should stay on uni

pedals off… its takes around 2 minutes to take pedals off/on and having the pedals stick out would risk damage to the pedals and make the bag less comfy to wear. If you have to take one pedal off, you have the spanner out so why not take off both.

Pedals off ftw!

If you do this a lot, like commuting or something, you could also use folding pedals. I use these to make my 36’r fit into my small trunk (with the rear seat folded down). They aren’t the greatest pedals in the world, but I pinned them, so they aren’t bad, and folding them out and in is way quicker than taking them off, which is what I was doing before. (I ride every day at work, either before or after, so it’s a daily thing.)