Let me introduce myself

Your mother’s must have all trained you well. Don’t give recipes to strangers,
so I’ll introduce myself and we won’t be strangers any longer.
I am Barb K., of North Bend, WA, formerly of Michigan. I have been the manager
of the Panther Pride Unicycle Team for 6 years. I was a member of NWCUE, the
organizition that planned and hosted the 1999 NAUCC and the 2002 NAUCC and the
UNICON 11. I was on of the “Red Shirts”.

I need help from your recipe boxes. My deadline is racing toward me(Jan. 9) and
I am in need of at least 100 more recipes.
I have some great ones from ticklemevaughn, David Maxwell, Carol McLean, John
Childs, Tom Daniels, Tommy from Memphis and Kathy Susanaka. Many thanks to
them. There is room for more if they are interested.
It would just be great to open the book up as we are trying to sell it and say,
I have recipes from riders from all over the USA, Canada and the World.
This doesn’t have to be just our team’s cookbook, but a unicycle community
It is very easy.
go to morriscookbook.com
Click on the green square in the middle of the page that says Typensave online
Login on the right side of the page-- login
You are the contributer
group login is 1wheelwonder
Password is 3a36c

or email the recipe to me or send me a link of your favorite recipe, (almost
every recipe is online). unicyclenews @ aol.com

Thanks for your time and I won’t bother you again about this (until the book
goes on sale). So send me a recipe, please.
Barb K.

Ok, you’ve got the recipe for Pasta a la Nathan!


You’re getting quite a collection together, it’s going to be a great cookbook.

We added a recipie and bit of history for Upper Michigan Pasties (short “a” sound, please) under Main Dishes.

Bruce (yoopers…folks from 'da U.P. or Upper Peninsula)

Oops, that should be “recipe”.

Re: Let me introduce myself

Thanks again for the recipes that are coming in. We are up to 256. Still time
for more.
I do spell check and proof read them.
It is going to be a great book.

Barb K.

I do have a couple of recipes I could submit, but I’m afraid they’d need to be rewritten in proper English rather than proof read. Both me and my dictionary are lack too many words about cooking. :frowning:

Re: Let me introduce myself

Borges, I apreciate the thought of a recipes from you. If they are common
recipes, maybe there are english versions of them online. I have found versions
of my own recipes online, I cut and pasted them into my cookbook. It saved alot
of typing.
Last count we are up to 297 recipes.
One day to deadline.

Barb K.

Ok, I sumitted my max of 10.

Everyone, this is your last chance to help Barb. Get your favorite recipes in by midnight tonight.

Re: Let me introduce myself

Thanks, Kathy
We are up to 377 recipes! We have the rest of the day to go.
Thanks to all who have and will contributed recipes.
Barb K.