Let It Flow

Hey been working on this vid forever now and its finally done. Its got a lot of BC wheeling and smooth uni lines, all tied together with a wicked song and unmistakable theme. Hope you all enjoy it!

Here’s the link:

It’s all true and I did. Thanks!

You’ve got quite a nice hop there. Nice tricks too. You’ve made me want to try a BC. Why all the black and white though? Other than that, very good video.

Nice video! Looks like you have a lot of awesome video ideas, keep it up.

Because B&W is delicious.

Nice, that was awesome. I liked the black and white.

I think you should have rolled out of the sex change but other than that very nice. Your pretty good at BC. Maybe you could do some of that stuff while im watching instead of secretly filming stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Very very nice, I dig.

I like your vids. I subscribed to you on youtube. (mine username is zaw92)

black and white

i did it in black and white cuz it went well w/ the song…and it had a kind of retro theme goin there too w/ the fedora and all


you subscribed? glad u liked them man, sweet!

sweet, the intro looked very professional… you have some nice handrails there

Yea I see. I actually didn’t watch it with sound the first time so that took away from it a little bit.

that was very very entertaining ,

well done nice ridng nice BC

nice riding, let it flow baby…

couple shots in there i really liked, solid tricks man. I was diggin the black and white, but the whole fedora thing kinda made me laugh,
i kinda had a feeling you filmed those by yourself…haha

other then that, loved the vid, keep’em coming


Awsome, Some cool BC stuff there.

The black and white theme worked well, but could have done without the grainy effect in some parts… but that wasn’t too bad.

pretty good.

Awsome I love the BC. How did you film that?

That was awesome!

Nice editing and music. I liked the fliming at the BC part.

man i hate bc, your good but i hate it. i like the unicycling, youre really good at it.
i also hate the black and white. it make it hard to see some tricks
good video anyways.

BCing is alright but i like unicycling way more… but nice video