Every year in november my school has a little auction to raise money for the toy drive where students can auction themselves off. I decided to auction myself off and give unicycle lessons and suprisingly enough, there was at least one person from every table bidding on me(but i’m only worth 40 bucks!). The lessons went well so im thinking of doing it to try and make some money to upgrade my uni and hopefully add some to my collection, but my question to you guys is: Any advice? im not sure what i should charge, im thinking 15 per lesson with every lesson being an hour long. I only have 1 uni and my buddy is letting me borrow his so i think i can only train one person at a time. Do i need a liscence or anything first? i dont wanna get sued if someone breaks themselves. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

The system Klaas Bil and I (pretty much) use to teach people to ride is at www.unicycle.2ya.com on the “Basic Riding” page and Klaas’ website - http://www.xs4all.nl/~klaasbil/uniindex.htm .

If you have a look around through both of those sites you’ll pick up more tips too. Teaching people is good fun.

My single biggest piece of advice for learning unicycling:
Spend time early learning the fundamentals and you’ll learn to ride much quicker…unless you’re one of the freaky bike trials riders I do demos with who can pick up unicycling instantly.


have em sign a release